Wishlist Editor’s: 7 Masculine Watches That I Love

It is impossible not to admire the horological industry: in addition to being able to put the maximum simplified technology inside a small metal box attached to her wrist, she manages to overcome each year, and cast parts really impressive from the point of view of design. We can’t also forget the watches that have become classics, so perfect that little changed in the last decades. I am an enthusiast of watchmaking, since the models are simple and practical, up to the sophisticated creations of the designer swiss.In this post I list 7 watches 7 brands that I would really like to have in my collection:

Wishlist Editor’s 7 Masculine Watches That I Love

1 – Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 (39mm)

The model Monaco was born in 1969, but it was in 1971 that became an icon when it was worn by Steve McQueen in the movie Le Mans. The format of the square of the box, its dial that resembles a car dashboard of the competition, the leather strap, all exudes sportsmanship and attitude at that clock.

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About Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer, initially, Heuer only, was founded over 150 years ago in the town of St-Imier, and soon became known for his ability to produce chronometers fantastically accurate. In the 80’s joined forces with Tag, manufacturer, items of high technology for Formula 1, passing, in 1991, as part of the portfolio of LVMH Group (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton), positioning itself as a luxury brand, but without leaving aside the accuracy and the technology that became admired and well-known.


2 – Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

Released in 1957, with bold and manly, the Speedmaster is in that category of watch conquest by air robust, its traditional lines and its design well thought out. There is no look that does not stay well with an enhancement, thus, is in the summer with a leather strap or all steel, the most traditional.

I chose this particular model (Moonwatch) because it comes in a special presentation box with two straps (NATO and velcro), the tool for exchange, a magnifying glass and a book that describes the adventures of the Speedmaster, because nuncxa it’s too much, remember that this is the watch that was with Buzz Aldrin when he walked on the moon and is still used on the International Space Station, a package hard to ignore!

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About Omega

Founded in 1848 by the watchmaker Louis Brands, only 23 years, the company, which is still not called Omega, consisted only of the watches made-crafted by its owner. In 1894, with its founder now deceased and played by the heirs, was launched on-line Omega, which was easy to produce, and had affordable price, the success was size that eventually became the brand. In 1965 the Speedmaster was chosen by NASA as the stopwatch official of space travel, showing the excellence that Omega had reached in the last decades.In 2000 he opened his first boutique in Zurich and today has stores in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


3 – Panerai Luminor Marina 8 Days Titanium – (44mm)

No frills, this is the main feature of a Panerai! If you like your watches rugged, with design simple but striking and imposing, I would say that this is a good choice.

The Luminor has a body of steel, 44mm, wrist strap can be leather or steel, and the dial is backlit with Arabic numerals cut out. The heritage of the era in which the brand was producing parts for the navy can still be seen in the elegant current models, with the feature of protection of the crown and resistance to great depths. This model still has as a differential the strap and the panel in the color coffee which gives it a special touch and different to watch.

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About Panerai

Giovanni Panerai was responsible for its creation in Florence, in the year 1860, by starting at the turn of the century, a successful partnership with the Italian navy, which led to one of the greatest contributions of the brand to watchmaking: the luminous dial is very useful for reading in large depths.In 1993 the contract with the navy ends, leaving the company in financial difficulties that do not last long, as a new fan of Panerai, nin someone less than Silvester Stallone, commissioned 50 pieces to give to the friends of Hollywood, putting the special edition SlyTech in the crosshairs of the media and leading the company to be purchased by the Richemont group (IWC, Cartier and Montblanc) in 1997. The obvious next step was a restructuring, change of the factory to the Switzerland and a launch on a global scale that made the Panerai one of the most desirable brands of the present time.


4 – The Montblanc 4810 Date Automatic

A model for more formal occasions: discreet, classic, sleek and sophisticated, everything you want in a watch that should complement a costume social with style and good taste. The dial, with the lines emanating from the star that symbolizes the brand, is just one more detail that makes this beautiful watch one of my favorites at the present time, add to that the leather strap and the case minimalist, made of steel, and we have an instant classic.

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About the Montblanc

Although secular, was founded in 1906) the Montblanc only started making watches in 1997 with its Meisterstück Collection, taking all his know-how and quality to a segment of watchmaking, from 2008 began to manufacture their engines entirely “in house” with the calibre MB R100. Currently the brand has more than 10 lines and hundreds of variations of models that are so coveted as his instruments to write.


5 – Victorinox Maverick Chronograph

As well as the Rolex Submariner, the Maverick of the Victorinox has such a robust appearance, the classic design of steel watches sports and versatility that will appeal to any man. A clock the quartz that does not make ugly when combined with a costume a little bit more sophisticated, but that can also be used for casual occasions.

Price – R$3.218,00

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About the Victorinox

With 130 years of existence, the swiss brand is known for the quality and resistance of their watches, in addition to having been the inventor of the pocket knife multipurpose. Its products are recognized worldwide, and judging by the quality, they present a good cost/benefit.


6 – Timex Weekender Chronograph

A cheap watch in comparison to others on the list, but that ooze personality within your simplicity sport and adventurous. The dial clean, the bracelet NATO (I also like the leather) and the box is minimalist, with a slight touch of retro, make the Timex an essential item for those who want something stripped down to combine with casual clothes.

Price – R$489,90

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About the Timex

Despite the face of contemporary Weekender, Timex is a company secular that began making wall clocks in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA, and has introduced many innovations in watchmaking, offering cheap parts.


7 – Patek Philippe Nautilus – caliber 324 S C

It is not difficult to explain why I like this Patek Philippe Nautilus: characteristic shape of its stainless steel case, the bracelet is simple, but classuda and the design of the dial, which is practically a signature of the brand, give this clock a striking style and classic.

It is worth mentioning that at the time it was created, the Nautilus broke paradigms, because the luxury watches all were delicate, made of gold and precious pieces, the Patek Philippe has changed the standards by showing a piece of robust steel, and that it cost more expensive than the other watches in the thread! On the other hand the boldness conquered the wealthy businessmen who were leading a busy life, whether at work or at leisure, playing tennis, skiing, diving or climbing a mountain, and that they wanted to have with him an accessory resistant and I need.

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About Patek Philippe

The Geneva brand is one of the most prestigious of haute horlogerie in switzerland, whose quality of mechanics, with parts almost completely produced “in house”, perhaps only if you compare the Rolex. It was created in 1839 in the village of Plan-les-Ouates, near Geneva, in Switzerland, by Count Antoine Norbert de Patek and François Czapek, a watchmaker from Warsaw. In may 1845 François leaves the company, giving place to Adrien Philippe, inventor of the system of rope for wrist watches that dispensed the key used at the time.


You may be wondering why there’s not a Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, or even a Casio in the list, but let’s go with calm, I believe that one day this post will be continued!

And then, tell me, do you have any clock in your “wishlist”?