Where to Go for the New Year in Russia

Winter magic in snow-covered frosty decorations envelops with quivering embraces, creates a special atmosphere of real happiness. In anticipation of a miracle, making secret wishes under the chiming clock, according to tradition, a fabulous night is met in the circle of relatives and friends. We offer popular and unknown, non-standard and most daring places where to go on New Year’s Eve in Russia.

Where to relax for the New Year: choosing a place

Cities where to go for the New Year in Russia are strikingly different in their cultural program, traditions and unique sights that are definitely worth seeing. In addition, the scale of the celebration and the cost of the trip also depend on the chosen place.

Meet January 1 in a luxurious restaurant or go to Red Square in Moscow and join the festivities, visit the New Year’s fair and buy delicious local treats or souvenirs.

According to topschoolsintheusa, the capital is especially lively at this time of the year: the whole city is simply immersed in bright lights, and winter fun beckons you to go out into a snow-strewn courtyard or park. Moscow is suitable for those who cannot imagine a winter vacation without long fireworks at night, but it is difficult to call it inexpensive.

For a calm and quiet tour to the “New Year’s fairy tale” it is better to choose a small town on the banks of the Volga. The relaxing atmosphere here will help you escape from working days and seem to bring you back to childhood, to grandma’s pies from the oven and warm evening conversations.

Russia is vast, and the rest here is very different – lovers of active pastime also have something to do during the New Year and Christmas holidays. Plan a trip to the ski resorts. But the most extreme place for the New Year is the Pole of Cold in Oymyakon, where the temperature sometimes reaches -60ºС. In addition to the magnificent snow-covered valley near the Indigirka River, we recommend visiting the real Santa Claus near Tomtor.

Top 8 places for the perfect New Year’s fairy tale

Veliky Ustyug, Santa Claus and a fairy tale

Medieval Russian traditions with fairy-tale characters will turn the celebration of the New Year into a real adventure. In the homeland of Santa Claus, you will find a performance with the participation of a kind old man in a red hat, funny fun according to ancient Russian customs. Children and adults alike will appreciate the amazing, kind winter show, which starts every year at 23.00 on the most magical night of the year.

Veliky Ustyug is a town in the north, where it will be interesting for the whole family to go on New Year’s holidays in Russia. Small and big children will be able to personally make a wish to the kind Grandfather, see the magic, learn the secrets.

The city has many attractions that are definitely worth a visit. Ancient cathedrals and temples, made by skilled woodcarvers, with their whimsical motifs will take you back to the distant 17th century. Here, not only ancient craftsmen, but also modern craftsmen have something to surprise – you can appreciate the beauty of jewelry during an excursion at a local factory.

Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana

If it is difficult to decide what you expect from the New Year holidays in Russia, and where to go – whether the soul asks for warmth from the sea, or vice versa for active recreation on the mountain slopes, Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana are a definite option for you. The Black Sea resort, where you can relax in Russia in the summer, does not promise a beach holiday in winter, but is ready to surprise you with a comfortable temperature and an extensive program.

Visit the Sochi-Park amusement park, water park, oceanarium, take a walk along the coast, admiring the riot of colors. And if you want to radically change the situation – go to the modern ski resort Krasnaya Polyana, which is just a 2-hour drive from Sochi. Young people will be interested here, because here no one can resist the temptation to ski.

St. Petersburg

The cultural capital – as a special, bonus option in the list of places to go in Russia for the New Year holidays. You can talk forever about what sights of St. Petersburg are worth seeing. We will tell you what New Year traditions await you in the city on the Neva.

As befits the capital, the main Christmas tree will delight the citizens and guests of St. Petersburg on Palace Square, where the city arranges a festive concert program until the morning with a magnificent laser show. Surrounded by luxurious palaces and fortresses, the New Year extravaganza will give you a good mood for all the holidays.

Majestic Baikal

Many tourists and travelers believe that under NG you can recharge your batteries and strength on Lake Baikal. Ancient legends, told from generation to generation by the heirs of ancient shamans, encourage the choice of Listvyanka as the best resort where to go to spend the New Year holidays in Russia.

You can meet the coming New Year on the beach by the lake or spend a secluded calm evening with your loved ones. Vacations are always active here, because the Baikal region offers guests:

  1. go to a ski resort on Mount Sabolinaya;
  2. dive into an underwater expedition on a bathyscaphe (virtually) to a depth of 2 thousand meters;
  3. from a bird’s eye view on a helicopter to admire
  4. the bewitching nature of the region;
  5. visit the healing springs in Arshan.

And for the most courageous travelers, the locals offer a fascinating trip to the mysterious island of Olkhon.

Thermal springs of the Caucasus

Winter mountains, beautiful snow-covered nature gives wonderful places where to go inexpensively on New Year’s Eve in Russia. In the Caucasus, on the eve of the most fabulous holiday, you will not be bored. Hot thermal springs spread throughout the Krasnodar Territory, allowing the tourist to choose an interesting inexpensive place where you can improve your health and spend an unusual winter holiday away from home.

Surrounded by the untouched nature of the Caucasus, inquisitive tourists can go on a short tour around the outskirts of Mostovsky, climb to the top of Gerpegem. The winter Kapustinsky waterfall is impressive, which on frosty days turns into a skillful picture of thousands of patterns.


Take a break from the bustle of the city, enjoy the mountain nature and not give up the comfort of home. All this is possible surrounded by the majestic nature of Altai. And, if the ski resorts of Switzerland are the destinations where it is better to go on vacation to Europe in winter, then Altai is the true love of Russian skiers and freeriders.

The main attraction of the Belokurikha resort is comfortable ski slopes, which will delight both those who try their hand at winter sports for the first time, and experienced lovers of extreme recreation.

You can celebrate New Year and Christmas in cozy glampings. Here you can feel at home, only the sparkle of snow-covered forests will remind you of an unusual place.


Seeing the northern lights is a dream that many are looking for in Lapland – a New Year’s fairy tale with Santa Claus. For wishes to come true, it is not necessary to go abroad. In Karelia, exciting sightseeing tours through fabulous snowy expanses are waiting for you. It doesn’t matter which settlement or city you choose, where you decide to go on New Year’s holidays in Russia, on vacation near the coast of the White Sea or beyond the Arctic Circle, it will be interesting here at any age.

Winter entertainment in Karelia is no worse than Finnish:

  1. fun sledding or snowmobiling;
  2. visit the ice town, the Maritime Museum;
  3. see with your own eyes a deer farm.

For the little ones, there is a winter fairy tale here – meeting an amazing old man – a real local Santa Claus, the first acquaintance with unusual animals in the zoo and an unusual opportunity to create an author’s doll on their own at an exciting master class.

Kola Peninsula

Romantic New Year under the light of multi-colored city lights or winter holidays in the dark, under the play of the only heavenly body – the Northern Lights? If you like the second option, you are not afraid of frost, and consider snow-covered drifts an indispensable part of a winter holiday, we suggest visiting the Kola Peninsula.

A trip to Murmansk is an unusual adventure for all holidays, which you will tirelessly talk about for the next year. The soft atmosphere is conducive to traditional Russian fun – reindeer and husky riding. Winter holidays on the ocean coast will be remembered for cozy walks through the snow-white expanses. Here, nature itself gives New Year’s gifts – a colorful heavenly performance.

Where to Go for the New Year in Russia