What to See in Dominican Republic

Holidays in the Caribbean have long been loved by tourists.

But still many resorts in the Dominican Republic, where it is better to go, remain outside the attention of fans of warm sandy beaches. Budget tourists, choosing where to go to the sea in winter, prefer African and European countries, but is giving up a dream justified?

We offer you to study in more detail where it is profitable to go on vacation in the Dominican Republic and what you can save on when traveling to the other side of the planet?

When is the best time to visit the Dominican Republic?

According to top-medical-schools, the holiday season in the Caribbean lasts all year round, so if you want to escape to warmer climes on New Year’s Eve, the Dominican Republic is the best option. It is easy to choose the right time for you when it is better to go to the Dominican Republic: arm yourself with our research on what time of the year and where excellent weather is predicted, and where it is better to wait due to possible precipitation.

In the Dominican Republic, it is better to relax in Azua in spring: in March and April, the climate here is mild, and the sun is perfectly warm and gentle, ideal for daily beach holidays, swimming in the sea and a beautiful even tan. And in Santo Domingo, even in May, when the rainy season begins in the north, the sun still shines brightly, and the clouds obediently avoid the resort.

Summer vacation in the Dominican Republic is not for everyone: the high temperatures from June to August not only create discomfort, but can also be dangerous for people with heart disease. If the heat does not scare you, we recommend going to the southern coast of the country, in the Samana lagoon the July rains do not cause typhoons.

The first month of autumn on a paradise island is a transitional period. The northern coast is heavily rained at this time, so it would not be out of place to evaluate other options for where to go abroad in September. The opening of the beach season is mid-October-November.

Winter on the island is dry and warm: December is the best time for excursions, and January will be remembered for an incredible company on New Year’s Eve, because at this time you can see whales off the coast. Organize a trip to the mountains in February, alternating active rest with a beach one.

Where is the best place to relax in the Dominican Republic

An island vacation for many tourists consists of daily hiking and swimming in the sea, but if you carefully study the popular areas of the Dominican Republic, where it is better to relax, you can clearly see the differences and interesting entertainment options.

The pride of the Dominican Republic is amazing nature, beautiful landscapes and mysterious tropical forests. We recommend using car rental services: you should drive around the surroundings of large resort towns by car, because in the villages it is best to get acquainted with local customs.

Punta Cana and Bavaro

The Punta Cana area is the most sought-after area in the Dominican Republic, where it is better to relax with a child. The southern coast beckons with white sand, a convenient gentle entrance to the sea and beautiful coral reefs. It is worth highlighting several remarkable areas of the city: Cap Cana, with expensive hotels and restaurants, Bavaro, where it is better to have a cheap vacation in the Dominican Republic for young people.


Bayahibe is an amazing fishing village worth visiting in the Dominican Republic if you want a quiet, secluded vacation. This place is little known among the majority of tourists, therefore it offers a secluded and comfortable stay: the beach is not crowded, and the water has an unusual turquoise hue. It is convenient to stay here for a long time, because housing prices are lower than in other regions.

Juan Dolio

A great place to go with children to the Dominican Republic. Here everything contributes to a comfortable and carefree family vacation:

  1. Clean, as from an advertising booklet, sand.
  2. Shallow depth and gentle slope to the water.

Entertainment in Juan Dolio can be chosen for any age: we recommend going on excursions to the capital, exploring Fort Ozama and spending a day in Aquarium Park.

Puerto Plata

The best surfing in the Dominican Republic is on the north coast, which will be interesting for both experienced surfers and beginners. Active water sports (surfing, curling, kitesurfing) are an essential element of the entertainment program. In Puerto Plata, you can visit a windsurfing school, see the preserved temples and buildings of the Columbus era, conquer the top of Mount Isabel de Torres, which offers a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Boca Chica

Do you want to see a real paradise vacation on a tropical island? – go on vacation in the Dominican Republic in Boca Chica in the winter. A beautiful shallow lagoon is ideal for families with children, and young people will be pleasantly surprised by local nightclubs. The resort area is also rich in sightseeing tourist routes: for a day you can go on an excursion to Santo Domingo.

La Romana

Rest on the shores of the warm Caribbean Sea beckons with a calm atmosphere, comfortable beaches. In the vicinity of La Romana, there are excellent places for diving and spearfishing. Be sure to take a walk in the central park, go to the temple, ride a yacht and appreciate the abundance of local beauties from the sea.

What to take with you to the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, where it is better to go in the cold season for a “solar recharge” for the body, it is not difficult to collect luggage:

  1. take all the necessary documents;
  2. prepare a small first aid kit (do not look for special preparations. The minimum supply that you use most often should be “at hand” + high-quality sunscreen);
  3. on some beaches you will need special shoes for swimming;
  4. summer clothes and shoes of your choice (we advise you to bring comfortable sneakers and a suit for excursions and hiking).

Flight to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful place on the ocean coast, quiet small towns and villages, where you should go at least once in your life. The cost of rest here depends on the personal preferences of tourists, but the main expense item is the flight. To save some money, you can book a ticket several months in advance or take advantage of the promotional offers of the airline.

Time on the plane takes at least 12 hours, so decide in advance what you would like to do during this time. It is optimal to devote most of the flight to sleep, so it will be easier for the body during the change of time zone. If you are flying with children, pick up a sufficient number of interesting games.


The traditional cuisine of the island nation includes a lot of seafood, and thanks to the comfortable and warm tropical climate, tourists will be pleased with the abundance of fruits. We recommend trying national dishes, they are characterized by rich, pronounced shades of all the components of the dish.

For starters, try the soups Sancocho, Azopao de Mariscos, as the main dish, you can order Pastelon de Platonas (minced banana pie) and Mofongo. Sweets here are also surprising, and their main component is local fruits. Enjoy the pleasant taste of natural fresh juices.

Souvenirs and shopping in the Dominican Republic

Traveling around the island country, tourists often find pebbles of amazing beauty, shells on the shore, and unusual plants in the natural environment. But, when collecting souvenirs home, it is important to remember that the Dominican Republic has a list of items that are prohibited from being taken out of the country:

  • Shells. We recommend buying ready-made dyes and figurines in souvenir shops and shops, because not all types of these marine gifts are allowed to be transported.
  • Fruits. Exotic treats can be taken with you in your luggage, but keep in mind that the flight is long and not all fruits will retain their appearance and taste.
  • Rum. The pirate drink is often associated with this Caribbean country. There are no restrictions on the export of this product, but also consider the customs rules for importing into your home country.
  • Mama juana – herbal set, serves as a cough medicine, aphrodisiac.
  • Cigars. A presentable souvenir, for some types you will have to pay a lot (15 € per item).

What to See in Dominican Republic