US 4 in Vermont


US 4
Get started Fair Haven
End White River Junction
Length 66 mi
Length 106 km
New YorkHydeville

West Castleton


East Hubbardton

West Rutland



White River Junction

New Hampshire

US 4 is a US Highway in the US state of Vermont. The road forms an east-west route through the center of the state, passing through the larger towns of Rutland and White River Junction. The road is 106 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

At Fair Haven, US 4 in New York enters the state of Vermont from Albany, immediately becoming a freeway. This section of the highway is about 30 kilometers long and runs past Rutland. One comes here through hilly to mountainous forest area. Just west of Rutland, the road crosses the ridge of the Green Mountains, reaching the 17,000-population town, Vermont’s second largest city. The highway runs to the south side of Rutland, after which the road becomes a 2×2 trunk with US 7from Bennington forms the southern approach road to Rutland. Both roads are only briefly double-numbered, in the center of Rutland US 4 exits east, and US 7 continues to Burlington in the north. One then comes through low mountain ranges with peaks up to about 1200 meters. Ski areas are also located here. The road passes through a wooded and fairly sparsely populated area, crossing only two State Routes on the 60 kilometers to White River Junction. To the east the area becomes less high, but remains hilly. Just before White River Junction you cross Interstate 89, the highway from Burlington and Montpelier to Concord and Boston. The road then comes through White River Junction, and crosses Interstate 91, the highway from Springfield in Massachusetts to Sherbrooke in Canada. One also crosses US 5, which runs parallel to I-91. Then one crosses the Connecticut River, also the border with New Hampshire. US 4 in New Hampshire then continues towards Concord.

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US 4 was created in 1926. In 1969 the first section of the highway between Castleton and West Rutland opened. In 1971 the section opened from the New York border to Castleton. The rest from West Rutland to US 7 in Rutland did not open until 1986.

US 4 in Vermont