US 18 and 275 in Iowa

US 18 in Iowa

US 18
Get started Inwood
End marquette
Length 311 mi
Length 500 km
South DakotaPerkins







Clear Lake


Mason City


Nora Springs

Charles City

New Hampton

West Union


Marquette-Joliet Bridge

US 18 is a US Highway in the US state of Iowa. The road forms an east-west route through the north of the state, connecting mostly small towns and villages, nor is it a major thoroughfare. The road enters the state from South Dakota at Inwood and passes through Mason City to the Wisconsin border, which is formed by the Mississippi River. US 18 is 500 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

US 18 in South Dakota enters the state of Iowa from rural areas, the boundary is formed by the Big Sioux River. US 18 then forms a route through northwest Iowa, a secondary route serving only a small number of towns. Several north-south routes are crossed, such as at Sheldon and Spencer. The US 18 is a single lane everywhere here through the endless meadows. After about 280 kilometers you reach Clear Lake, where US 18 connects to Interstate 35. After a short double numbering, the US 18 turns off again, which then forms a freeway in itself.

The US 18 is then a highway for about 30 kilometers, south of the regional city of Mason City. At Nora Springs, the grade-separated character of US 18 ends, the road is then a 2×2 divided highway with varying degrees of grade. The road turns off US 18 at Charles City, after which the US 18 is again a single lane road. At New Hampton, US 18 merges with US 63south, then east again as a single carriageway across the countryside. The road then gradually enters the Driftless Area, an area of ​​northeastern Iowa that is somewhat hillier and has minor tributaries of the Mississippi River. Just before you reach the Wisconsin border you reach the Mississippi River valley, where US 18 has a steep descent. US 18 crosses the river via the Marquette-Joliet Bridge , after which US 18 in Wisconsin leads through Prairie du Chien to Madison.

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US 18 was created in 1926, and the route has not been substantially changed in Iowa since, although large parts of the route were unpaved at the time, not until the 1950s all of US 18 was paved. In 1932, the bridge opened over the Mississippi River at Marquette, which was a toll bridge until 1954. This bridge was replaced in 1975 by the Marquette–Joliet Bridge. The biggest change was the construction of a short stretch of freeway between I-35 south of Clear Lake and east of Mason City. This section opened to traffic on December 5, 1999. The old route through Mason City was then renumbered as State Route 122.

Traffic intensities

Intensities are generally between 2,000 and 3,000 vehicles, except for the portion from Mason City to Charles City that handles about 8,000 vehicles.

US 275 in Iowa

US 275
Get started Hamburg
End Council Bluffs
Length 56 mi
Length 90 km



Council Bluffs


US 275 is a US Highway in the US state of Iowa. The road forms a north-south route in the southwestern part of the state, from the Missouri border at Hamburg to the Nebraska border at Council Bluffs. The route is 90 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 275 in Missouri enters the state of Iowa from Rock Port and then parallels east of Interstate 29 to the north for 60 kilometers to Glenwood. Here the road is double-numbered for a moment with the east-west route US 34, then US 275 merges on Interstate 29 to the north, to the south side of Council Bluffs, where US 275 exits, and through a bridge parallel to Interstate 80 crosses the Missouri River. US 275 in Nebraska then continues through Omaha to Fremont.


US 275 was created in 1931, its northern terminus at the time was Council Bluffs. In 1939, the route to O’Neill in Nebraska was extended, creating the current route. The South Omaha Veterans Memorial Bridge over the Missouri River in Council Bluffs opened to traffic on January 18, 1936. This bridge was replaced by a new bridge on 28 May 2010. US 275 follows I-29 between Glenwood and Council Bluffs. This part was opened in 1969 and 1971.

Traffic intensities

The portion parallel to I-29 is quiet with 600 to 1,500 vehicles per day. At Glenwood, 9,300 vehicles and 20,100 vehicles run on the double-numbered I-29. 7,800 vehicles cross the border into Nebraska every day.

US 275 in Iowa