US 1 and 202 in Connecticut

US 1 in Connecticut

US 1
Get started Green wich
End Pawcatuck
Length 117 mi
Length 189 km
New YorkGreen wich




New Haven

New London

Rhode Island

US 1 is a US Highway in the US state of Connecticut. The road forms an east-west connection, along the coast, parallel to Interstate 95. The route takes in the urbanized area northeast of New York City, with cities like Stamford, Bridgeport and New Haven, and the quieter part of eastern Connecticut. The route is 189 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

Suburban New York

At Greenwich, US 1 in New York enters Connecticut from New York and has a four-lane highway, Putnam Avenue. One comes through the so-called Gold Coast, where many affluent people live. One passes first through Greenwich, a wooded waterfront town. The road here parallels Interstate 95 for a short distance, which carries through traffic to and from New York Citytakes care. You then pass through the town of Stamford, which is a somewhat larger center. US 1 has 6 lanes here and is called Tresser Boulevard. Then US 1 runs just south of I-95, through the expensive neighborhoods along the coast. Then you cross I-95 again and the road is called Connecticut Avenue. The road here is a four lane main road. In Norwalk one crosses US 7, which is a short highway here towards Danbury in the north. Then you pass through wooded areas with large houses. One then arrives at Fairfield, where US 1 again runs south of I-95.

One then arrives at Bridgeport, one of the largest cities in New York with 138,000 inhabitants. It forms an agglomeration in itself, which can be seen as part of the New York metropolitan area. US 1 runs through downtown Bridgeport, connecting with SR-8, a main highway to the city of Waterbury to the north. The road then crosses the Housatonic River, and then enters the urban area of ​​New Haven, which has all grown together. US 1 here is called the Boston Post Road, and again runs north of I-95 to the center of New Haven. New Haven has a population of 124,000 and an urban area of ​​600,000 inhabitants, which is part of the New York metropolitan area. US 1 then passes through the major interchange of I-95 with Interstate 91, the highway to Hartford. East of New Haven, the area becomes heavily forested again, but now without many towns and residential areas.

Eastern Connecticut

US 1 is here again called the Boston Post Road, and runs parallel to Interstate 95 for a short distance. At Old Lyme, US 1 briefly merges with I-95 to cross the Connecticut River. Here is also an interchange with SR-9, the highway to Hartford. The road then continues through the wooded area to the town of New London. The road runs through the center of New London, then rejoins I-95 to cross the River Thames to Groton. Then follow the last kilometers along the coast to Pawcatuck. US 1 in Rhode Island then continues to the city of Providence.

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US 1 follows the route of the old Boston Post Road, and old Turnpikes. These roads were created around 1800, and later expanded to US 1. When Interstate 95 was built, US 1 lost its importance, and is now mainly a route for people from the neighborhoods to the centers and shops. The route is of little importance to through traffic, except when there are incidents on the I-95.

US 202 in Connecticut

US 202
Get started Danbury
End Granby
Length 75 mi
Length 121 km
New YorkDanbury

New Milford





US 202 is a US Highway in the US state of Connecticut. The road forms a north-south route through the northwest of the state, running from Danbury through Torrington to the Massachusetts border. The route is 121 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 202 in New York, along with US 6, crosses the Connecticut border from New York State, parallel to the border with Interstate 84. The road then merges into I-84 around Danbury, which also carries US 7 out of Norwalk. US 7 and US 202 then exit from I-84 and US 6 and head north. After a few miles, the highway section ends, and US 202 continues as a 1×2 trunk road to New Milford, where the two roads split. US 7 heads toward Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and US 202 curves northeast, then leads through a quiet wooded and hilly area to the town of Torrington, 25 miles away.

In Torrington one crosses State Route 8, the highway from Bridgeport and Waterbury. About 20 kilometers further, US 202 merges with US 44, which comes from Poughkeepsie. Both roads are then double-numbered for a few miles, after which US 202 turns north and US 44 continues to Hartford. The US 202 then runs due north through the beautiful countryside. US 202 in Massachusetts then continues to Springfield.


US 202 was created circa 1934, and the route has not changed significantly in Connecticut since then. The US 202 is double numbered with quite a few other routes, and has a not very logical course and is hardly used by through traffic. The highway section opened from Danbury to Brookfield in 1976 and was extended around Brookfield in 2009. Other routes are mainly single carriageway.

US 202 in Connecticut