Understand When to Wear Casual and Sporting Watches

The watch lovers know that it is much more than an accessory used to inform the hours: it is very important in any look that takes precedence, giving that special touch.

Understand When to Wear Casual and Sporting Watches

But just as we dress in different ways for different occasions, the watch should also match the situation and be in a specific style, do you agree? Continue with us and find out when to wear casual and sporty watches.

Watch – a differential

Who really likes watches knows that various aspects of the accessory can give a completely different air to any clothing. The bracelet, the hands and even the buckle may seem like mere details, but they make all the difference! In this case, the ideal is to have two options: a more sporty and a more casual. This is an efficient way to make sure and not to err in the different situations you are subjected to on a day to day basis.

For example, if you have a job with a more formal profile, it may be somewhat incoherent to use a sports model. In this case, a simpler watch may fit better in combination with the outfit, with a leather or metal bracelet.

Casual watch

If you do not work in a more formal outfit, you might get even more confused about the type of watch you should wear, right? But let us help you clear these little conflicts!

There are many watches in Brazil today, ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated. That is, finding one that you enjoy will not be the biggest problem. But if you are going to use the watch in situations that require a more comfy outfit, stay tuned to the option you will choose!

Remember that the more colorful, more sporty the watch will be. Therefore, a very flashy watch may not be the best option for work, for example. In this case, try to choose models that draw less attention and have more discreet colors. This is a way to make sure the watch does not rest from the rest of the clothes.


People who have a more bare or informal profile can wear sports watches without a second thought. In this case, you can abuse the rubber strap, digital models, etc. They may even have more features than casual ones, marking distance, altitude and stopwatch, for example.

You can also use this type of watch in ballads with a more casual profile or meeting with friends. But remember that these details depend on the costume you choose!

Other details

If you’re a fashionable guy, you know that just as you choose the right pants or shirt size for your body, you need to look at the size of the watch for your wrist.

If your wrist is small, it is no use taking a large model and letting it loose (it can even give you an ungainly air or the watch is not yours). Therefore, look for a model that is set on your arm.

Of course these are just a few tips and that using the watch is not as restrictive as it may seem. There are options that match with every situation, making you waste style. But if after these tips you still have some questions, try to choose the options that have leather strap. They can adapt to different situations.