Tours to Sri Lanka

Holidays in Sri Lanka throughout the year is a truly heavenly pleasure: clean beaches with sand of different shades, warm water of the Indian Ocean, traditional and unusual water sports.

Tours to Sri Lanka will allow you to get acquainted with the country, which for many centuries has been the “main tea” in the world, has 9 out of 130 UNESCO sites in its treasury, can reveal the secret of the large-scale and very ancient ruins of Anuradhapura in the jungle, give you the opportunity to see the proud peak Sigiriya with the city and magnificent gardens at an altitude of about 180 meters.

According to bridgat, Sri Lanka, having a long history and the most developed infrastructure in the region, will allow you to enjoy a luxurious cocktail of luxury hotels and restaurants, religious and natural attractions. This country will leave only the most vivid impressions of the rest and the desire to visit this marvelous, alluring land at least once.

Language: Sinhalese, English, Tamil

A country of absolute exotic – that’s what you can call a small island located in the Indian Ocean. Of the 130 world historical treasures protected by UNESCO, seven are located on this amazing island. Sri Lanka is an ancient country with a rich history and deep traditions, it is the world center of Buddhism with magnificent monuments of this world religion. Thanks to the deep penetration of Buddhism into the worldview of the islanders, an atmosphere of unsurpassed peace will dawn here. The philosophy of religion completely permeates people’s lives. Art cherished for centuries and created with inspiration, treasuries, monasteries, statues and gigantic deities still retain the spirit of reverence and mystery, and reservoirs and irrigation systems built by human hands many years ago still surpass modern technical devices. But not only the historical heritage forms the notorious exotic. Sri Lanka located just 800 km from the equator and has all the riches of the tropical islands. As the Sri Lankans themselves say, they know only three colors – the blue of the sky and the ocean, the golden yellow tones of the beaches and the lush greenery of the tropical flora. And, indeed, the beauty of the landscapes of Sri Lanka can amaze even the worldly eye. Especially beautiful are the endless tea plantations – the pride and world fame of the island. Also, the whole world knows the traditional Sri Lankan spices, exotic fruits, gems, batik and, of course, the warmth of the friendly owners of the island. Vilpatu and Inginyagala National Parks, as well as the huge Dehiwala Zoo in the suburbs of Colombo, are very popular among tourists. In Dehiwala you can see such an unusual spectacle as the dance of elephants. The national park in Yala is a beautiful nature reserve, which preserves all the conditions of wildlife. Driving along special roads through the wilderness, you can see the beauty of the landscapes. On the way you will meet leisurely herds of elephants, graceful leopards and slender deer. In addition, monkeys, bison, anteaters and many birds such as the golden oriole, peacocks, storks and others live here. The endless beaches and ocean are just amazing here. Hidden bays and gulfs, the brilliance of a tropical rainbow, crystal clear sapphire-colored water, underwater coral gardens, the remains of sunken ships and shallow waters dotted with fish of an unprecedented color – these are just a few of what the Indian Ocean can give..

Rules for entering Sri Lanka


– a certificate of full vaccination or a certificate of a negative PCR test for COVID-19, carried out no later than 72 hours before departure to Sri Lanka airport.

The certificate must be in English and contain the details of the foreign passport. The test result must be in English and contain a seal, QR or barcode. Children under 12 years of age are exempt from taking a PCR test before departure, regardless of parental vaccination status.

– local insurance – registration is possible both at the airport upon arrival and in advance on the website

– entry permit – registration is possible both at the airport upon arrival and in advance on the website A tourist visa is issued for a period of 30 days, the validity of the passport is at least 6 months (180 days) from the date of the end of the trip.

– QR code – 72 hours before departure, you must fill out an online health declaration at When filling out the form, you must attach a copy of your passport, vaccination certificate or PCR test results (for children 12-18 years old and adults who do not have a vaccination certificate).


Fully vaccinated tourists are exempted from taking a PCR test upon arrival. But children from 12 to 18 years old traveling with vaccinated parents are required to undergo PCR testing upon arrival.

Unvaccinated tourists aged 18 and over must undergo PCR testing upon arrival and stay at Level-1 hotels for the first 7 nights, as well as follow all quarantine protocols (including a retest on the 7th day).

!!!Testing takes place in a specialized Katunayake center, near the airport. The cost of an express PCR test at the airport is $40 per person (test results within 1.5-3 hours, guests will need to wait for the test results before leaving for the hotel).

The need for PCR tests for flying to Moscow depends on the rules of the airline.

Tours to Sri Lanka