Tips for Your Trip to Spain

Spain has become one of the countries where Swedes nowadays seek to get some peace and quiet and a large dose of sun. You can buy golf trips, sun trips, training trips, etc. and many become so fond of the country that they stay and buy a house or an apartment there. As Spain’s versatility and culture, together with the prosperous life that the Spaniards are known for, makes so many people turn their eyes here, here are some tips and valuable information before boarding the flight to meet the sun.

The climate

The weather in Spain is sunny and warm. It rarely rains except occasionally during the winter months, but otherwise you are guaranteed to encounter a blue sky and bright days. On the Sun Coast and inland, it can be extremely hot, up to 45 degrees in some places, such as in Cordoba or Madrid. the greenery and drought in the country vary. It is significantly greener in Catalonia than it is e.g. is on the Sun Coast.


In the past, Spain’s currency was the Spanish pesetas (ESP), but since 2002 the euro has been introduced.

The electricity system in Spain

You do not need an adapter when traveling to Spain. It is the same electrical outlet and standard as in most other countries in Europe, ie 230 V.


In Spain Spanish is spoken and in Catalonia a dialect is used which can be quite difficult to understand. If you speak another Latin language, it is easy to both understand Spanish and make yourself understood, otherwise you can speak English. Especially on the Sun Coast, English is a very common language, as Gibraltar stands as a British territory.

Rent a car in Spain

If you are going to a smaller town or visiting the Sun Coast, it may be appropriate to investigate the car rental companies. Renting a car there is recommended, but you have to be careful about certain things. In Spain, there is a tendency to add extra fees to the original price.

This means that you pay a fee when you return the car, because they have to refuel it full. This mainly applies to the smaller and local car rental companies, so a tip is to stick to the international companies. However, some of these companies have also cheated customers by deducting additional fees, so check everything properly first. You should always review the terms carefully before writing anything. Smaller companies can also drive with a maximum mileage per day instead of free mileage. Also keep in mind that A-marked roads are subject to a fee.

If you get sick

You should bring the European insurance card when you stay in Spain so that you get the same care. There are actually a lot of Swedish doctors and dentists in different places so you can check this out before you go if you would prefer to speak your own language. Many have testified that Spanish hospitals and doctors are not the best, but this of course depends on where you end up and how sick you are. One piece of advice is to check with the home insurance before you travel and to avoid food and products such as tartar or mayonnaise if you are staying in a place that is roasting in the summer. Several people have experienced what it is like to get salmonella in Spain and it is not the most fun thing that can happen on holiday.

Tips for your trip to Spain