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According to findjobdescriptions, Arizona is a state located in the southwestern region of the United States, sharing a border with Mexico and California. It is the 6th largest state in terms of area, with an area of 113,998 square miles. It has a population of 7,278,717 people making it the 14th most populous state in the country. The capital city is Phoenix and its largest city is also Phoenix. Arizona’s climate varies from hot desert climates around Phoenix and Tucson to cooler mountain climates up north. Summers are generally hot while winters can be quite mild with temperatures rarely dipping below freezing. One of Arizona’s most iconic features is the Grand Canyon which attracts millions of visitors every year to marvel at its spectacular views and take part in activities like white water rafting or hiking along one of its many trails. Other popular attractions include Monument Valley Tribal Park which offers visitors an opportunity to explore ancient Native American dwellings, Petrified Forest National Park which features colorful petrified wood formations, and Saguaro National Park home to some of Arizona’s famous saguaro cactus species. The cities of Flagstaff and Sedona offer visitors a variety of activities including shopping at one-of-a-kind boutiques or exploring local art galleries as well as dining at some delicious restaurants that feature both traditional American fare as well as Mexican cuisine due to Arizona’s proximity to Mexico. Additionally, there are several festivals such as the Prescott Bluegrass Festival that take place throughout the year giving visitors a chance to experience Arizonan culture through food, music and art displays. According to EJIAXING.ORG, Arizona has a desert climate, meaning that temperatures are extremely hot during the summer months and quite mild during the winter months. Summer months of June, July, and August typically bring temperatures in the high 90s to low 100s Fahrenheit with very low humidity. These extreme temperatures can lead to heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses if proper precautions are not taken. Winter months tend to be mild with temperatures in the 40s to 60s Fahrenheit, although occasional cold snaps can bring temperatures down into the 20s. Rainfall is relatively scarce throughout the year, with an average of around 10 inches per year across the state. Arizona is particularly prone to dust storms during the summer months which can cause significant damage if not prepared for ahead of time.