State Route 2 and 24 in Massachusetts

State Route 2 in Massachusetts

Get started Williamstown
End Boston
Length 143 mi
Length 229 km
New YorkWilliamstown

North Adams

Shelburne Falls


Millers Falls



South Orange

→ Holyoke


East Athol


Baldwinville / Templeton



Gardner / Westminster


West Fitchburg

South Fitchburg

North Leominster


→ Worcester






→ Outer Bypass

Littleton Common





→ Providence / Portland

West Lexington

South Lexington

East Lexington





State Route 2 or SR-2 is a state route and partial highway in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. The route forms an east-west route in the north of the state, running from the New York state border to the city of Boston. East of Greenfield the road is a highway. The route is 229 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

Route 2 in Lexington, a Boston suburb.

The junction MA-2/I-190 in Leominster.

The road starts at the New York border in a hilly area. One quickly crosses US 7, which runs from Pittsfield to Bennington, and then passes through the town of North Adams. This part of the route is quiet and rural. After 40 miles you reach the town of Greenfield, where you cross Interstate 91, which runs from Springfield to Vermont. The highway section begins just east of Greenfield. One passes through the countryside of northern Massachusetts. You pass the two towns of Fitchburg and Leominster, after which Interstate 190 runs south towards Worcester. The highway has 2×2 lanes everywhere here. Interstate 495. is crossed at Littleton, the boundary between urbanized eastern Massachusetts around the city of Boston and the countryside to its west. The highway runs the entire route through densely wooded area. In West Concord, the freeway section temporarily ends, and SR-2 is a main road until Interstate 95, then another freeway section begins at Lexington. This section is called the Concord Turnpike and has 2×3 lanes. One comes here in the denser urban area of ​​Boston. In Cambridge, the highway section ends and the road continues as a secondary street to Boston, where it ends.

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A portion of State Route 2 was planned as part of the Northwest Expressway, which would become US 3. State Route 2 was probably built in the 1960s. In 1970, all highway plans within the ring were scrapped.

Traffic intensities

Suburban Boston has a fair amount of traffic, up to 75,000 vehicles per day. Because the SR-2 is not a through route to the center, congestion is an exception here. Further west, the road is much quieter with fewer than 10,000 vehicles per day.

State Route 24 in Massachusetts

Get started Fall River
End Randolph
Length 41 mi
Length 66 km
Rhode Island → Newport1 Plymouth Avenue

2 Brayton Avenue

3 → Providence

4 → New Bedford

5 President Avenue

6 Highland Avenue

7 → Fall River

8 Airport Road

9 Innovation Way

10 Assonett

11 Padelford

12 → New Bedford

13 Taunton

14 → Outer Bypass

15 Bridgewater

16 West Bridgewater

17 Brockton

18 Brockton / Stoughton

19 Stoughton

20 Randolph

21 → Providence / Boston

State Route 24 or SR-24 is a state route and highway in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. The highway is the southern exit route of the Boston metropolitan area and runs from Interstate 93 to the Rhode Island border at Fall River. The route is 66 kilometers long.

Travel directions

At the suburb of Randolph, SR-24 exits into the woods off Interstate 93, then heads south in 2×3 lanes. It passes through urbanized southeast Massachusetts and past suburbs like Stoughton and Brockton. The road is also called the AMVETS Memorial Highway. At Raynham one crosses Interstate 495, the major ring road of Boston. After this, the highway has 2×2 lanes. At Taunton, the US 44 crosses a main road from Providence to Plymouth. That’s where the SR-140off a highway to the port town of New Bedford. The road then reaches the town of Fall River, a port city of 92,000 residents. At Fall River, the road briefly turns west to become double-numbered for a mile with Interstate 195, the highway from Providence to New Bedford, and further east. On the south side of Fall River, one crosses the border into Rhode Island and continues on State Route 24 in Rhode Island toward Middletown.


Construction on the Fall River Expressway began in 1950, and in 1952 the first 12 miles between Assonet and Raynham opened to traffic. The highway was extended north and south in subsequent years. In 1956 the highway was more or less ready to Fall River, and in 1958 to I-93 south of Boston. In 1973 and 1974 the highway was widened from 2×2 to 2×3 lanes. In 1966, the highway was extended 3 miles south between I-195 and the Rhode Island border.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 58,000 vehicles pass the Rhode Island border and 29,000 vehicles travel along the east side of Fall River. Between Fall River and Taunton, there are 45,000 vehicles and 71,000 vehicles south of I-495. There are 87,000 vehicles north of I-495, with 106,000 vehicles passing by Brockton and 125,000 vehicles south of I-93 in Randolph.

State Route 24 in Massachusetts