Sohar and Sur, Oman


According to cachedhealth, Sohar is the historical homeland of Sinbad the Sailor. Located 230 km from the capital, this ancient port city was once the capital of the country. He received his name from the great-great-grandson of the biblical Noah – Sohar. Today, the city attracts tourists with its large market (“souk”) with a variety of goods. Also famous is the Sohara Fort, whose four-tiered walls and five towers rise in the distance, presenting a truly impressive sight.

How to get there

There are 4 ONTC tourist buses departing daily from Muscat to Sohar. Travel time is about 2.5 hours.

The beaches of Sohar

The long sandy beach of Sohar is never packed to overflowing with either vacationers roasting in the sun or noisy local companies. The water is very clean, but the shade may not be enough: rare “mushrooms” are more likely for picnic gatherings of large Omani families than for individual recreation. Be sure to remember the strong ocean currents and do not swim far. Located near Sohar, the island of Savadi is considered a paradise for divers, not without reason.

Entertainment and attractions of Sohar

The main city attraction is the fort, whose history dates back to the 1st century. The current structure was erected in the 13th-14th centuries. This is the only fortress in Oman with whitewashed walls. From the top of the fort, there is a breathtaking view of the harbor and residential areas of Sohar. It is also worth going on an excursion to the traditional village of Hibi and the oasis of Al-Ghudafari (63 km from the city).


Sur, the main seaside town of the eastern region of Oman, a fishing village and a trading port at the same time, impresses foreigners with a multitude of old houses with carved doors and mosaic windows. Sur is known for the traditional art of shipbuilding: it is worth coming here if only to watch how dozens of traditional local dhows are being built at the same time.

The Ras al Junayz Giant Sea Turtle Sanctuary is located in the Sura area, where you can witness an amazing and rare sight – the birth of young turtles.

How to get there

Sur is located 150 km from Muscat, but if you get from one city to another by bus, you will have to travel twice as far: the road goes inland, then to return to the coast. The journey from the capital will take about 4 hours (distance – 335 km), two ONTC buses depart daily from Muscat to Sur. Another option is to rent a car and get to Sur by the coastal road (240 km and 3 hours drive).

Entertainment and attractions Sur

In Sura, it is worth visiting the interesting Maritime Museum, whose expositions are devoted, among other things, to the history and techniques of building a dhow. Walking through the old quarters of the city, be sure to pay attention to traditional houses, their carved doors and windows decorated with mosaics. It is worth going on an excursion to the fishing village of Quriyat and the picturesque Wadi Shab valley. Also in the Sura area is the Ras Al Junayz giant sea turtle reserve, where you can become an eyewitness to an amazing and rare sight – the birth of young turtles.

Sur, Oman