Sirmione, Lombardy (Italy)

According to fun-wiki, Sirmione is one of the most popular resorts on Lake Garda. Lake Garda is located on the border of the regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige in northern Italy. This is the largest lake in the country, its area is 370 square meters. km.

The resort of Sirmione is located on the southern shore of the lake on a narrow peninsula. Sirmione is full of hotels, so there are no problems with accommodation here, just remember that in the summer a lot of tourists come here, so it’s better to book in advance for this time of year. The main attraction of the city is the Rocca Scaliger castle towering on a hill.. It was built in the 13th century by the Scaliger princes of Verona. This is a truly fabulous castle with towers, ramparts and moats. In the northern part of Sirmione, along the coastline of the peninsula, the Church of San Pietro is located, where mosaics from the 13th century have been preserved. There is also an archaeological site Grotte di Catullo, where you will see the ruins of an ancient Roman villa, by the way, the only surviving remains of ancient Roman villas in Northern Italy. It is believed that the villa belonged to the ancient Roman poet Catullus. There is a small museum here, which displays frescoes, marble statues and artifacts found at the excavation site.

Sirmione is also famous for its thermal springs, from which the thermal complex Terme di Sirmione. It is open all year round. The thermal springs of Sirmione have an output temperature of +69 degrees, they are enriched with sodium chlorides, bromine and iodine. With their help, they carry out the prevention of diseases of the respiratory system and the motor apparatus, ear and skin diseases and rheumatism. Vacationers can choose from a wide variety of procedures: baths, inhalations, irrigation, mud wraps and massages. The Terme di Sirmione thermal complex includes two spa centers: Terme Virgilio (located on the northern coast of the peninsula) and Terme Catullo (located directly in Sirmione), a modern Aquaria wellness center with thermal pools, various showers, relaxation rooms and sports complex, three hotel (five-star Grand Hotel Terme, four-star Sirmione and three-star Fonte Biola), which also offers balneological treatments, and an aqua club.

Do not forget about the beaches of Sirmione. All the beaches here are sandy and well-equipped.

From Sirimone, you can go a little further east along the coast to the Veneto region. This part of the coast of Lake Garda is famous for its amusement parks. Here is one of the most popular European amusement parks – “Gardaland”. In the park you will find entertainment for every taste: a zone for kids “Kingdom” and more than three dozen attractions, which are grouped by difficulty level: red – the easiest, green – adventure and orange – extreme. In addition, in “Gardaland” there is a dolphinarium, where bewitching performances are given. For accommodation “Gardaland” offers its own hotel. There are also restaurants, cafes and shops. A little north of Gardaland is the Kanevavord-Resort amusement park.. The park consists of the Aquaparadise water park, which includes the Adventure Island and the Fun River with all kinds of slides and other water attractions, the Children’s Lagoon, where fun performances are played with the participation of pirates and fairy-tale characters, and the Relaxation Beach with interesting pools; Park “Moviland” with an area of 100 thousand square meters. m., where it is proposed to plunge into the atmosphere of Hollywood through 15 attractions, themed restaurants and bars; hall-restaurant “Middle Ages”, which is an amphitheater, on the stage of which you will see brave knights and beautiful princesses; and the restaurant “Rockstar”, where you can eat delicious food to the music of famous rock musicians. Also off the east coast of Lake Garda is an extensive zoo “. Parko-Natura-Viva offers visitors a Safari Park with African animals, a Fauna Park with 280 species of animals from all over the world, a Dino Park with life-size dinosaur models, and a Botanical Trail., walking along which you will see 30 species of trees and exotic plants. Nearby is the natural park “Sigurta” with an area of 600 thousand square meters. The park presents a wide variety of plant species, including colorful flowers and tall trees. Hiking trails are laid in the park and sightseeing trains run.

In addition, the east coast of Lake Garda is known for its surfing opportunities. In the daytime and evening hours, south winds “ora” blow here, and at night and in the morning – north winds ” Torbole and <Riva del Garda> (both located in the Trentino-Alto Adige region) and Malcesine (located in the Veneto region).

Sirmione, Lombardy (Italy)