Ressence Is the Proof That the Designers of Watches Knows No Bounds

In a world where smartwatches are increasingly common and advanced you could bet that the mechanical watches would become a secondary and less impressive, right? But as the watchmaking knows no boundaries – she laughs at the limits – every year we are surprised by the postings that leave us flabbergasted because of the ability of this branch to reinvent itself.

Ressence Is the Proof That the Designers of Watches Knows No Bounds

The watches from Ressence

Founded by an industrial designer, the Ressence is a watchmaking firm based in Antwerp, Belgium, and its products are not exactly a novelty for those who follow the market, but a lot of people still don’t know those watches whose dial behaves in a completely different way than we are used to, creating a visual extremely original.

An ingenious mechanism excludes the use of pointers in traditional putting the dials on a display that a mobile changes its configuration all the time, in fact, the brand’s website allows you to simulate these changes and to better understand.

There are currently 4 versions of this watch look very similar to each other with changes in the format of the steel box and in some of the details of the display, among other features.

The amazing display

One of the things that draw attention in models of Type 3 and Type 5 is the way the display seems to mold to the crystal (glass) as if it were a display OLED, this feature visual was accomplished by filling the space between the dial and the crystal with oil!!! There are actually two chambers, one of which preserves the gauge (machinery) contact with liquid, the other houses the display, with 35,7 ml of oil. Ingenious, isn’t it? The visual effect was baptized of water drop (water drop).

Where is the crown?

Another important detail of the watches created by Ressence is in the absence of the crown. The rope and the adjustment of time and date is made on the back of the clock on a system quite original and, as far as I know, no equal currently. The following video shows how this works:

So hard to do something unique, it could only result in a piece that is not for any pocket, in a quick search I found some copies of the model Type 1 for sale for 20 thousand dollars each, or more or less the price of a Jeep Renegade the most basic.

If you want to know more about the watches from Ressence, simply access the website of the brand.