Places to Visit in Mongolia

Have you ever tasted a refreshing glass of fermented mare’s milk? This is just as much a part of Mongolia as a lonely yurt in the middle of the endless expanse. According to Internetsailors, the tender steppe grass rustles softly in the wind. An almost infinite feeling of freedom can still be experienced here in Western Mongolia. It almost seems unreal to you. Come back to originality on a trekking trip. Look forward to exciting encounters, snow-covered peaks and the diversity of the steppe!

Day 1

Departure to the east

Day 2

Arrival in Ulan Bator and …

… Transfer to the hotel. After the long flight, we start the day at a leisurely pace: Only in the early afternoon do we stroll over Sukhbaatar and climb to Zaisan Hill, from which we enjoy a beautiful panorama over Ulaanbaatar. A welcome dinner with Mongolian dances rounds off the day. Overnight hotel accommodation. (F, A)

Day 3

Sand dunes and a lake

Flight to Uliastai. How different, how beautiful is the landscape here: We travel through a wild mountain valley, steep cliffs line us, marmots scurry across the path. This is quite bumpy, but behind every further pass a new scenery opens up, the journey is a true landscape experience. After about two hours the first dunes are painted in the sky – it is as if we were suddenly traveling through a golden desert. Then the last pass and … in front of us the view opens up to Lake Khar, which offers a fascinating play of colors: its water glistens emerald green, its sand dune shores golden yellow – simply wonderful. Our Ger-Camp – starting point for the next 3 hikes – is only approx. 300 m from the lake shore. 3 overnight stays in yurts by Lake Khar. (F, M, A)

Day 4

Bathing at the foot of the gold dunes

We shoulder our rucksacks and hike along the lakeshore until we reach the first strip of sand dunes. This pushes itself far into the emerald green water and forms a wonderful bathing place at its end – we don’t miss it! After a long bathing break, we hike over the dunes and along the lakeshore back to the camp. (F, M, A)

Day 5

A summit with a view of the lake

A short transfer brings us to a range of hills that rise from the lakeshore to the main ridge. We hike up to a pass and follow the paths to a lookout summit. We can see the neighboring peaks, sand dunes and almost the whole lake from here, an impressive view. Accompanied by the whistling of the marmots and the bleating of the goats, we walk along the slope until we reach the sand dunes. Now we go down to the lakeshore – we can still see the lake … A wonderful panoramic day! (F, M, A)

Day 6

Over the sand dunes

After a short transfer, we follow the bank path and cross the sand dunes on the western shore of the lake. The next lake is already shining towards us, where our vehicles are waiting for us. Bumpy we then continue west to Lake Bayan and its tributary, where the villagers set up a ger camp especially for us. The river meanders at the foot of our camp offer a wonderful scenery, the right setting for dinner … If you want, you can visit the neighboring dunes with a camel at sunset (optional). Yurt overnight. (F, M, A)

Day 7

To Lake Khjargas

Now we leave the dune landscape behind us and chug further west through a lonely steppe landscape. In the afternoon we reach our camp on Lake Khjargas, whose beaches invite you to take a refreshing swim. The neighboring cliffs, on the other hand, offer beautiful views over the lake. Yurt overnight. (F, M, A)

Day 8

Ulaangoom – a city in the steppe

The second day of driving brings us to the capital of the province of Uvs Ulaangom, where – after the days in ger camps – we spend the night again in a hotel. In the afternoon we still have time to explore the place and do our last shopping before our tent trekking. Overnight hotel accommodation in Ulaangom. (F, M, A)

Day 9

Mountains of snow in sight!

Sleep in and enjoy a free morning! Then we make our way to the Ullan Pass, from where we hike along a range of hills to our tented camp. A grand panorama over the Turgen Mountains awaits us here. One snow peak is lined up after the other. 4 nights in tents in the Turgen Mountains. (F, M, A)

Day 10

Over green hills to the nomads

Just a short transfer and we meet our camel guides over the tree line. The luggage is loaded onto the pack animals and we go into the wilderness of the Turgen Mountains for the next four days. Now the path meanders to a pass, which gives us an idea of ​​the landscape that awaits us in the next few days: wide mountain valleys surrounded by gentle hills, behind which the Turgen ice giants tower into the sky. We hike gently up and down to the next pass, from which we can already see our stage destination: a wonderfully green valley with a babbling brook and half a dozen nomadic gers. A truly idyllic piece of earth where we pitch our tents for two nights. (F, M, A)

Day 11

In nomadic land

Today we are guests of the nomads. But first we explore this beautiful valley, climbing up to one of the countless peaks with a view. Then we stop by the nomads for a glass of milk tea and listen to stories from their everyday life. If you want, you can also put your riding skills to the test. An eventful day that brings us closer to nomadic life. (F, M, A)

Day 12

A wonderful valley and a pass

Now it’s time to say goodbye to our hosts. But the beauty of this valley accompanies us all day: green alpine pastures, grazing horses and yaks. Then a gurgling stream has to be crossed. Then it’s a little steeper downhill to then descend to our tent camp on the river bank. Another wonderful day of trekking! (F, M, A)

Day 13

River and mountain panoramas

We continue to follow the Kharihiraa River, then climb up to the Namiriin-Adag Pass and soon reach the river bank again. On horseback (together with a rider) we cross the river and climb to an alpine pasture that offers a panorama of the Turgen mountains for the last time. Here we are expected by our vehicles that will bring us back to Ulaangom. Overnight hotel accommodation in Ulaangom. (F, M, A)

Day 14

Back to Ulan Bator

In the morning we still have free time. In the early afternoon transfer to the airport and flight to Ulan Bator. We say goodbye to Mongolia with dinner in a traditional restaurant. Overnight hotel accommodation in Ulan Bator. (F, A)

Day 15

home trip

Airport transfer and return flight. Arrival the same day. (F)

Places to Visit in Mongolia