Pärnu, Estonia

Pärnu, the most beautiful historical seaside resort, is famous for its spa centers, beautiful sandy beach and beautiful parks. The first spa center was opened here in 1838. Check Topschoolsintheusa to learn more about Estonia.

How to get there

The easiest way to get to Pärnu is to take a plane and fly to the capital of Estonia – Tallinn or the capital of Latvia – Riga. From both airports, which are connected by the highway Via Baltica (E67), Pärnu is only a couple of hours away.

The bus station is located in the center of Pärnu at Ringi 3. All buses leave from here and there is also a public transport stop nearby. The bus station has ticket offices, information, left-luggage offices and a café. The ticket offices of the bus station are open from Monday to Friday from 06:15 to 19:30, on Saturday and Sunday – a short day.

There is a daily train connection between Pärnu and Tallinn. “Daily” means one train early in the morning (07:17) and another in the evening (17:08) and travel time (2.40). However, train travel is attractive and convenient for many in its own way, as you can take a bicycle with you on the train, for example, and in a financial sense it is a cheaper form of transportation.

Those who decide to arrive at the resort in their own car will be interested in information about border checkpoints: Pärnu is located at the same distance from the checkpoint of Narva and Kunichnaya Gora (which is near Pskov), but the line is traditionally much shorter at Kunicnaya Gora.


The resort is best explored on foot. Despite the fact that it is one of the largest cities in Estonia, the old town and the coastal area are quite accessible to tourists on foot. For those who want to go to the water park, it is better to use a taxi rather than bother with buses. Taxi: Bristol (+372 443 0600), E-Takso (+372 443 1111), Pärnu Takso (+372 442 7555), Pärnu Invatakso (+372 442 5741).

Those who come to the resort in their own car can only be envied. As a rule, hotels have no problems with parking, but there is more than enough space for interesting field trips for the day. It is convenient to travel from Pärnu to Tallinn, Tartu, and even Riga – only 175 km separate the cities from each other (of course, there is no border). In the city center, parking is paid, about 1 EUR per 1 hour, 3.2 EUR per day (you need to pay only on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm). On the beach – in the summer months (June, July, August) every day from 10:00-19:00 for 1 hour 5 EUR and a day ticket 12 EUR.


Most of the Pärnu hotels are located 300-500 meters from the sea, there are both large hotel complexes offering spa treatments and swimming pools, as well as small cozy guest houses where you can stay for 40-70 EUR per day (cost for two).

At the Tervise Paradiis hotel, an aqua park is open, where everyone can drop by.

Treatment in Pärnu

Health and Wellness Center Estonia (AH Tammsaare puiestee 4A, Pärnu, tel.: +372 44 76 905, offers professional procedures for the prevention and treatment of diseases related to bones and joints, heart and blood pressure, peripheral nervous system, diseases of the lungs and skin.

The Pärnu Mud Bath (Ranna puiestee 1, Pärnu) is one of the symbols of the resort town of Pärnu. The building was built on the site of a swimming establishment that burned down during the First World War. To date, the clinic is temporarily not functioning, but its opening is not far off.


The wide, sandy beach of Pärnu, framed by dunes and pine forests, is an ideal place for sunbathing and relaxation. Despite the fact that the water temperature in the Baltic Sea never rises above 23-25 ​​degrees, swimming here is a pleasure. The water is very clean, the entrance to the water is gentle, and the perfectly warmed sand will become a favorite playground for children.

There is a children’s corner on the beach, for a snack you will have to go to the embankment, this is where the nearest restaurants / cafes are located.

There is a children’s corner on the beach, for a snack you will have to go to the embankment, this is where the nearest restaurants / cafes are located.

Cuisine and restaurants

Pärnu is one of the largest resorts in the Baltics, so there will definitely not be any problems with choosing a cafe or restaurant. The resort offers its guests both budget eateries, children’s cafes, restaurants with national cuisine, as well as pizzerias, coffee houses, there is even one organic food cafe where amazing pumpkin pies are prepared – Mahedik (Pühavaimu 20). Russian tourists never leave the Postipoiss restaurant (Postipoiss, Vee 12) disappointed, which is open on the basis of an old post station. Large portions, friendly staff who speak Russian and portraits of members of the Romanov royal family make our compatriots love.

Among pizzerias, I can recommend Steffani (Nikolai 24) – cozy atmosphere and huge portions (7-9 EUR for pasta, 6-8 EUR for pizza). The kids love Poisi Eine, a special “boy” cafe that serves hot dogs and fun snacks. One of the best places for breakfast is the Supelsaksad cafe, which lurks at the intersection of 32 Nikolai Street with the main resort highway. A small sign does not attract attention, so only knowledgeable people are there. The atmosphere of an old Estonian apartment with a real oven and incredibly delicious cakes for 3-4 EUR make a new guest immediately become a regular.

Entertainment and attractions of Pärnu

It is worth seeing the building of the Pärnu City Hall (Nikolai tn 3, Pärnu), the Tallinn Gate (Kuninga tn 1, Pärnu, Pärnu maakond 80011), which marked the beginning of the postal road leading from Pärnu to Tallinn, the almshouse (Hospidali tn 1, Pärnu) – the oldest building in the city, served as a shelter for the sick and crippled.

The building of the Pärnu Kursaal and the belfry (Mere puiestee 22, Pärnu, tel.: +372 442 0367) is of interest.

And also: the Apostolic Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration in Pärnu (Aia tn 5, Pärnu, Pärnu maakond 80014), Catherine’s Church (Vee tn 8, Pärnu) and the Church of Elizabeth (Nikolai tn 22, Pärnu).


A huge number of events are held in Pärnu: the International Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival, the David Oistrakh Festival, the Organ Music Festival, the Bacardi Feeling Beach Festival, the Hanseatic Days.

Pärnu, Estonia