Neuchâtel, Switzerland

The Swiss canton of Neuchâtel is a French-speaking canton and is located in the west of the Swiss Confederation.
Neuchâtel borders on France and the cantons of Vaud, Friborg, Bern and Jura. There are numerous famous places and towns in Neuchâtel. Among other things, the homeland of the watch town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. The capital of Neuchâtel is the eponymous city of Neuchâtel, also called Neuchâtel. It is located directly on Lake Neuchâtel and is also a clock city. The third clock city in the league is the third largest city in the canton of Neuchâtel, the city of Le Locle.
Records are being set in the canton of Neuchâtel. More precisely, record lows. An incredible -41 degrees were measured here in La Brévine. This place is also known as the Siberia of Switzerland, here are the coolest temperatures in Switzerland.

Attractions in Neuchâtel

For tourists who want to travel to Neuchâtel, the Col des Roches in the Neuchâtel Jura are on the list. This is a mill in the mountain. And the high valley Val de Travers should also be visited. The locals also refer to this as the Green Fairy Valley. This is where the world famous drink absinthe was invented. It is made from wormwood and other herbs.

If you want to go up high, you have to go to the Chaumant observation tower. This is made of concrete and one of the oldest of its kind.
Even the Neuenburg castle is worth a visit. The collegiate church, the Hôtel du Peyrou and the Ethnography Museum are also noteworthy sights that should not be missed when visiting the canton.

Of course, it should not be left unmentioned that the canton of Neuchâtel is a classic watch canton. Therefore, the watch museum in La Chaux de Fonds and in Le Locle is also a must! The clock museum in the Château des Monts country palace is particularly beautiful. Anyone interested in science is in good hands at Latenium, an archeology park and archeology museum. The Latenium tells the story of the canton of Neuchâtel from the Middle Ages to the Neanderthals. 3,000 archaeological finds are exhibited here.

Sweet canton

Who doesn’t know the sweet, full chocolate taste of Suchard ? Philippe Suchard founded the first chocolate dye factory of his later empire in Serrières in 1826 in an empty water mill. This was the cornerstone of the Swiss chocolate career. The Milka brand later emerged from this company. By the way, the name Milka is made up of milk and cocoa in a very simple way. The company was later taken over by Kraft Foods and production relocated to other cities. Production is no longer in Neuchâtel, but in the Tobler factory in Bern.

Pure nature

in the canton of Neuchâtel is located in the Neuchâtel Jura the Lake Neuchatel and the Lac des Taillères. Both are the largest lakes in the canton. In general, there are many lakes in the canton of Neuchâtel. The lake landscape is very popular for boat trips and beach holidays. Also walks and nice bike rides are therefore a welcome change from museum visits or theater performances. Because Neuchâtel has wonderful landscapes to offer that are not only convincing in summer.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland