Naples FAQ

When is the best time to visit Naples?

Naples has many sunny days all year round and can therefore always be visited. It never gets really cold, even in winter. You can expect temperatures around 10 to 15 degrees.

In summer it hardly rains at all, but it can get very hot, especially in July and August with over 35 degrees. So the best months of the year to visit Naples are April to June and September to October .

If you want to stay overnight in Naples at a particularly low price, the Advent season is also worthwhile . Every corner of the city is colorfully decorated and people are even more in a party mood than usual.

Avoid at all costs New Year’s Eve . New Year’s Eve in Naples is like a war night, because the Neapolitans mainly use illegal firecrackers and firecrackers. There is also a tradition in Naples to swap old things for new ones and throw them out the window on New Year’s Eve. This also includes furniture and electronic devices.

How much time should you allow for Naples?

You should have at least two full days to visit Naples alone , preferably three.

While many sights are central and close together, there are a few in other parts of the city that are just as worth seeing. You need a little more time for that.

If you plan to climb Mount Vesuvius or go to Pompeii , you will need at least four days . For both tours you need at least half a day for the outward and return journey as well as the visit.

Is Naples dangerous?

According to percomputer, Naples is now hardly more dangerous than other major European cities .

Police patrols are also parked around every major piazza and near all attractions throughout the day , making it much harder for pickpockets and scammers. Nevertheless, petty crime is part of everyday life and you should keep your eyes open if possible.

Never leave your valuables unattended and don’t wear flashy jewelry. If you have a quality camera with you, take good care of it.

However, there are still some areas that are not suitable for tourists. These are, for example, the northern districts of Secondigliano or Scampia . The mafia and criminal gangs are in charge here.

What else to watch out for is the absolutely insane traffic . In Naples, street signs and speed limits have practically no meaning.

What should I definitely pack for my Naples vacation?

In addition to our city break packing list , here are a few special tips for Naples:

A jacket or sweater : Even if you visit Naples in the middle of summer, it is best to pack something with long sleeves so that you do not freeze during your visit to the city’s underground. Also, you must not have bare shoulders when visiting churches.

Sturdy shoes : If you plan to climb Vesuvius, you definitely need sturdy shoes. The way to the crater is very rocky and not paved. The same applies to visiting Pompeii or other archaeological sites around Naples.

A fanny pack : Unfortunately, there is a lot of theft in Naples, especially on buses and wherever people congregate. Sometimes your handbag can be ripped off your shoulder as you drive by. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to store your valuables in a waist pack.

How can I communicate in Naples?

Neapolitan is spoken in Naples , a dialect that is difficult to understand even for other Italians.

The average Neapolitan you meet on the street very rarely speaks English. It’s even more likely that someone speaks German . Many Neapolitans have worked in Germany before and can therefore speak broken German.

But don’t worry: Hotel staff or museum employees always speak at least some English .

For your stay, however, it is definitely worth having a smartphone for translation or an Italian dictionary with you. This can be particularly useful in small caf├ęs, in restaurants or when shopping.

Can you drink tap water in Naples?

We would not recommend drinking tap water in Naples.

While authorities guarantee that the city’s tap water is safe, there are independent studies that say the opposite. So, to be on the safe side, you’d be better off drinking bottled mineral water.

Orientation in Naples

Naples is located in southern Italy directly on the Mediterranean Sea. It is even the third largest city in Italy after Milan and Rome .

Naples is divided into 30 districts , which Neapolitans call quartieri . Each of the quarters has its own peculiarities. Sometimes you even have the feeling that you are no longer in the same city.

Some of the quartieri join together to form the Centro Storico , the beautiful old town of Naples. It forms the center of the city. Here you can stroll wonderfully through the narrow streets, absorb the joie de vivre of the city and also visit most of the sights.

The area around Naples also offers many highlights: from Vesuvius to the ancient ruins of Pompeii to the Amalfi Coast and the beautiful islands of Capri and Ischia , there are many beautiful destinations.

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