Monaco Overview

Animals and Plants

Are there any special animals and plants in Monaco?

Most of the plants you can find in Monaco didn’t originally grow there. They were brought and planted by humans. So you can discover beautiful landscaped parks and gardens there.

Especially in the Exotic Garden of Monaco, which is located in the Jardin Exotique district, you can discover plants from southern Europe, but also from South America, Central America or even from Africa or the Middle East.

In the following photos you can find some impressions from this garden. In the animal world, the species are limited to our pets.


Monaco economy: luck in the game – money in the treasury!

Monaco is one of the richest countries in the whole world. The casinos in which gambling is permitted and which pour a lot of money into Monaco’s state coffers play a major role in this. The casinos are attracting tourists again, rich tourists who can also spend money in a casino and pay for the expensive hotels and restaurants. The Formula 1 race in Monaco is also attracting rich people again. Monaco’s economy is also closely linked to the French economy.

And what else?

Financial services are another important source of income. What does that mean? You let the money work for you. Private individuals do not pay taxes in Monaco, so many people like to be citizens of Monaco. However, there is a separate agreement with France that dates back to 1963: the French pay taxes. But Monaco is considered a country in which few taxes are to be paid, it is also called a tax haven.

A little something is also manufactured and exported in Monaco. Mostly these are goods that are only partially finished and are processed in another country. However, Monaco has to import a lot of goods, from food to energy to machinery.

Typical Monaco

No taxes

In Monaco, the Monegasque residents do not have to pay taxes. Mind you, only the Monegasque, that’s just 8,000 people. This rule has been in place since 1869. That was the year in which the Grimaldi family realized that the state was making so much money through the casino alone that it did not have to levy additional taxes and thus could relieve its citizens financially.

Those who manage to move their residence to Monaco and obtain the citizenship of Monaco today are still exempt from taxes. Great, then I’ll move to Monaco with my family, you might say. Yes, it’s not that simple, because there are quite strict requirements. And the money is not that unimportant. So your parents would definitely have to buy or at least rent an apartment or a house in Monaco.

This proof is important and a certain amount of money (we do not know the exact amount) should definitely be deposited in a bank in Monaco. It goes without saying that you need a good certificate of good conduct. Your parents would then have to submit the application to Prince Albert II personally. In the end, he also decides whether it will work or not.

Is it really worth it? Maybe it’s nice at home and four kilometers of beaches and a casino aren’t everything in life. Or what do you mean?

Cars, cars, cars…

Almost nowhere in the world can you come across so many noble and expensive cars in so little space: They are called Bentley, Ferrari or Lamborghini. Maybe you’ve heard the names before, then you are definitely a car fanatic. In any case, these are rare and always very expensive cars. Either fast or old, sometimes fast and old and sometimes new and fast. However, the following applies to all: expensive!

The Monaco Grand Prix

According to homosociety, the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​the only Formula 1 race that takes place during the day and leads through the middle of a densely built-up city. This race is in contrast to the Prince’s plans to make Monaco a “green city” without emissions and pollutants. The prince may still have to work a little on the city’s “image”.

Safety first!

Again and again you can read that Monaco is one of the safest countries in the world with a very low crime rate. Those who can afford such expensive cars, watches, jewelry or clothing don’t have to steal a bike. However, tax havens like Monaco can also serve as an opportunity for one or the other to hide money. And even if some people don’t see it that way, that too is criminal and worse than shoplifting out of necessity.

The Monaco Grand Prix