Minnesota Hotels

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It’s not hard to have fun in Minnesota. From fishing in the North Woods, viewing art in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, visiting one of over 800 festivals to golfing on one of 11,000 lakes, there is something for everyone. This state has beautiful nature reserves and national parks. Discover all there is to do.

The light of water reflected in the sun glistens everywhere between the trees. From small pools to large lakes, the water defines the beautiful landscape in this American state. Lake Superior, the world’s largest freshwater lake, is located in Minnesota, and near the town of Bemidji rises a small stream that swells south into a mighty river; the Mississippi.

Minnesota facts

  • The 5 million inhabitants of the state of Minnesota are called Minnesotans.
  • The name Minnesota means ‘water that reflects the sky’ in the original language of the Dakota Indians.
  • At over 144,000 miles, Minnesota has more coastline than Hawaii, California, and Florida
  • Famous Minnesotans include: Judy Garland, Jessica Lange, Charles Schulz (creator and artist of the Peanuts cartoons), Winona Ryder, Prince and Bob Dylan.

Great Cities

The two metropolises Minneapolis and Saint Paul are known as the Twin Cities. However, you will soon discover that these are not identical twins! With more theater seats per capita than any other US city—excluding New York—Minneapolis and Saint Paul (MSP) are home to nearly 100 theater companies and more than 30 theaters, including the premier Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.


Minnesota has two major cities, and even within those cities you can hike, bike, and canoe to your heart’s content. Above all, enjoy the nature outside those cities.

Parks, wasteland, pristine wilderness with eagles, wolves and bears, are you a true nature lover and would you prefer to lose yourself in the nature of America, then you have come to the right place in Minnesota. This rural state is known for its natural beauty.

Minnesota has two major cities: Minneapolis and Saint Paul, which are sometimes referred to as the duality. Even within these cities you can walk, cycle and canoe to your heart’s content, but especially enjoy outside the cities and discover the very beautiful national parks. In addition to the beautiful parks, there are the 11,000 lakes and almost 2,000 kilometers of canoe routes. In the city of Minneapolis, the best place to get on your bike is to enjoy the many parks and 22 lakes, but if you want to get back to nature, you have to get out of the city and into National Parks such as Voyageurs National Park.

National parks

Which park is right for you? If you like water and prefer to sail through nature, Voyageurs National Park is ideal. Would you rather cycle through a park, and would you like to know how the Mississippi was formed? Then go to the oldest park: Itasca State Park. For more information on all the parks and to find “your best park” for Minnesota, visit the National Park Service website.

Voyageurs National Park

The Voyageurs National Park can only be reached by boat and that makes it exciting. You can go there by car, but you can only admire it from the side and that would be a shame. One third of the area of ​​this national park consists of water. A fairly young park in an old environment, do you want to know where it is? Then view the map below.

With 4 large lakes (Rainy Lake, Kabetogama Lake, Namaken and Sand Point Lake) and 26 smaller lakes, you can enjoy yourself with your canoe, kayak or simply a motorboat. Swim here and there to refresh yourself or catch a fish in this nature. You can rent fishing equipment, and camping is also allowed. Overcrowded parks is nothing new, in many American parks you will find more tourists with their camera than the real inhabitants: the birds, forest animals and eagles. Fortunately, in Voyageurs you will still be awakened by birds and not by people. You can enjoy the wealth of Voyageurs without reservation, registration or payment.

Practical information about Voyageurs National Park

The park can be reached via US 53 from Virginia or from the South, as you can see on the map you can also go there from International Falls. Once you get to the edge you can continue by boat, these are available for hire everywhere. The park is open all year round, but it is recommended to go in the spring until early fall. If you want more information with an extensive park map, go to this website.

The following lists major cities and resorts in the state of Minnesota. Check Countryaah.com for a full list of cities and towns in Minnesota.

A. Charles Weiss Inn

Once home to the Duluth Herald’s publisher, this Victorian inn features theme guest rooms. Includes rates.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/acweiss/index.html

Addie’s Attic Bed & Breakfast

Historic home in Houston offers four guest rooms. Find rates, background on the original owners, and ideas for touring Bluff Country.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/addies/index.html

Aloft in the Pines Bed & Breakfast

Rustic log home in Underwood offers rates for its three theme rooms, photos, amenities details, and a list of local attractions.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/aloft/index.html

Bakketopp Hus Bed-and-Breakfast

Lists the seasonal events near this bed-and-breakfast in Fergus Falls. See the furnishings in each of the guest rooms and email the innkeepers.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/bakketopp/

Bergerud B’s B&B & Bakery

Fergus Falls-area inn provides three country-style guest rooms. Find rates and a list of local attractions.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/bergerud/index.html

Chase’s Bed & Breakfast

Spring Valley Empire-style manse, listed in the National Register of Historic Places, offers five guest rooms. Find rates and local attractions.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/chases/index.html

Chatsworth Bed & Breakfast

St. Paul’s 1902 Victorian inn offers five guest rooms. Posts rates, a list of amenities, and a guide to nearby Twin Cities attractions.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/chatsworth/index.html

Deutsche Strasse Bed & Breakfast

New Ulm Victorian inn offers five guest rooms with period and modern amenities. Includes a sample breakfast menu, and a list of local activities.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/deutsche/index.html

Ely – Trezona House Bed-and-Breakfast

Find a short history of the house and read descriptions of each guest room. See the prices of the rooms and call the innkeepers for reservations.

Website: http://www.northernnet.com/trezona/

Engesser House B&B

Just an hour away from the Twin Cities, this St. Peter’s Eastlake and Queen Anne-style inn offers four rooms. Find rates.

Website: http://www.innsite.com/inns/A000949.html

Finnish Heritage Homestead

Former boardinghouse to loggers and railroad men, this Embarrass log home offers access to outdoor recreational activities. Includes rates.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/fhh/index.html

Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek

Housed in a 1910 mansion, this inn offers five rooms and such amenities as fireplaces and whirlpools. Find rates.

Website: http://www.innsite.com/inns/A003556.html

Garden Gate Bed & Breakfast Inn

St. Paul Victorian duplex provides four flower-themed guest rooms. Posts rates, a list of amenities, and a tour of local attractions.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/gardengate/index.html

Golden Lantern Inn

Tudor Revival-style bed-and-breakfast located in Red Wing, Minnesota, provides a photo tour of the accommodations. Check for special rates.

Website: http://www.goldenlantern.com/

Gunflint Lodge

Northern Minnesota resort offers cabins and lodging on the Gunflint trail. Learn about canoeing, horseback-riding and other activities.

Website: http://www.gunflint.com/

Idlewood by the Lake B&B

Colonial-style lakefront home offers five theme rooms and a boat dock. Details rates, amenities, and an events calendar.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/idlewood/index.html

JailHouse Historic Inn

Inn in Preston offers an actual cell block with bars among its twelve guest rooms. Includes rates, amenities, and local points of interest.

Website: http://www.innsite.com/inns/A001581.html

James Clark House Bed & Breakfast

Excelsior inn housed in a 1858 house is in the local historical register, and offers four rooms. Includes rates and an events calendar.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/jamesclark/index.html

Loghouse and Homestead Bed-and-Breakfast

Located on Spirit Lake in Vergas, Minnesota, this B&B offers whirlpools, fireplaces, lakeside balconies, as well as canoeing and hiking.

Website: http://www.loghousebb.com/

MacArthur House Bed & Breakfast

Grand Marais-area inn provides five large guest rooms. Find rates, a list of amenities, and points of interest, such as ski trails.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/macarthur/index.html

Minnesota Bed & Breakfasts and Inns – Places To Stay

Choose from the list of available B&Bs and inns available throughout Minnesota. Each entry lists rates and any special discounts, and users can make reservations.

Website: http://r.lksm.com/go/t=34:9362|60566749;g=z/Website: http://looksmart

Nordic Inn Medieval B&B

Crosby inn housed in a former 1909 church provides Viking-themed accommodations. Details its medieval feasts and Viking breakfasts.

Website: http://www.innsite.com/inns/A002506.html

Park Rapids C’mon Inn

Inn offers 44 rooms and 2 suites with a private Jacuzzi, plus a meeting room, free continental breakfast, large pool, hot tub and game room.

Website: http://www.cmoninn.com/park-rapids.htm

Places To Stay – North Central/West Minnesota Hotels

Spotlights cabins, bungalows, resorts and other lodgings in Baxter, Walker, Park Rapids and other surrounding cities. Access property photos.

Website: http://r.lksm.com/go/t=34:9362|60381643;g=z/Website: http://looksmart

Places To Stay – Northeast Minnesota Hotels

Offers bed and breakfast, resort, hotel and other accommodations in Duluth, Ely, Cook and other surrounding cities. Access property price ranges.

Website: http://r.lksm.com/go/t=34:9362|60381500;g=z/Website: http://looksmart

Prairie House on Round Lake

Built by a Chicago businessman in 1879, this inn is a horse farm offering four rooms. Posts rates, amenities, and a list of outdoor attractions.

Website: http://www.innsite.com/inns/A003396.html

Spicer Castle Bed & Breakfast Inn

Ancestral 1893 home offers ten guest rooms. Posts rates, an extensive list of amenities, and a sample of seasonal and year-round attractions.

Website: http://www.innsite.com/inns/A003531.html

Spinnaker Inn Bed & Breakfast

Duluth inn featuring nautical-inspired decor provides three rooms, each with handmade quilts and rocking chairs. Find rates.

Website: http://www.innsite.com/inns/A002399.html

Thayer’s Historic Bed n’ Breakfast

Turn-of-the-century Annandale inn offers eleven rooms with period and modern amenities, a restaurant, and rates for theme packages.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/thayer/index.html

Thief River Falls C’mon Inn

Find 44 rooms and 2 suites with a private Jacuzzi at this inn, plus a free continental breakfast, meeting room, pool, fireplace and hot tub.

Website: http://www.cmoninn.com/thief-river-falls.htm

Vermilion Dam Lodge

Northern Minnesota resort offers cabins and lodging on Lake Vermilion. Vacation activities include snowmobiling, hunting, and fishing.

Website: http://www.vdl.com/

Whistle Stop Inn Bed & Breakfast

Aside from three bedrooms, this New York Mills Victorian inn offers accommodations in an authentic Pullman car, or a caboose. Includes rates.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/whistlestop/index.html

William Sauntry Mansion

Stillwater Victorian, listed in the National Register of Historic Places, provides a history of its namesake. Includes a photo.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/sauntry/index.html

Xanadu Island B&B and Resort

Battle Lake 1920s lodge-style house offers five guest rooms, three guest cottages, a beach, a canoe, and a paddle boat. Includes room rates.

Website: http://www.bbonline.com/mn/xanadu/index.html

Minnesota Landmark