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A trip through Massachusetts is a feast of recognition. This is the land of the most famous politicians, the oldest families, the witch hunts, the best universities, the most beautiful islands. Do you really have no idea? Ahead then: The Kennedy’s, Salem, Harvard, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard. And in the middle, the delightful city of Boston with its famous harbor where the American Revolution began when settlers rebelled against the excise tax on tea, and threw a whole load into the sea: The Boston Tea Party.

The Bay State, as Massachusetts is also called, runs from the Berkshire Hills in the west to the Atlantic Ocean, like a belt across New England. It is a fairly small state with large climate differences and so is the landscape of this diverse state. Of all the New England states, nowhere is nature and history as varied as in Massachusetts. From witch hunts to wine tasting and rafting to seal spotting, this state truly has everything you would expect from a vacation in America.


Boston is a city with a rich history. You can do many different activities. The city is known for the Freedom Trail, a walking route that takes you past all the sights.

Travel to Boston

Boston is located in the state of Massachusetts in the North-East of the Americas. It is a real walking city. It is best and easiest to fly to this destination. A flight from Amsterdam will take approximately 6 to 7 hours.

The following lists major cities and resorts in the state of Massachusetts. Check for a full list of cities and towns in Massachusetts.

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