Interstate 59, 610, 69 and 910 in Louisiana

Louisiana Interstate 59

Get started slidell
End Pearl River
Length 11 mi
Length 18 km
0 → New Orleans / Baton Rouge3 Slidell

5 Pearl River

11 Honey Island Swamp Road


Interstate 59 or I -59 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Louisiana. I-59 runs from Slidell to the Mississippi border in the far east of the state and is only 11 miles in Louisiana.

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Travel directions

I-59 at Pearl River.

I-59 begins at the town of Slidell at an interchange with Interstate 10 and Interstate 12, in eastern Louisiana. I-59 is an extension of I-10 from New Orleans here. I-59 has 2×2 lanes and US 11 runs parallel to it. I-59 crosses the Pearl River swampland. The river forms the border with the state of Mississippi, Interstate 59 in Mississippi continues toward Hattiesburg and Meridian.

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Before the construction of I-59, US 11 was the through route, from New Orleans to the northeast. Due to its rural character, US 11 has not been upgraded significantly for the construction of I-59.

The exact opening dates of Interstate 59 in Louisiana are unknown, but possibly in 1963, when connecting Interstate 59 in Mississippi also opened.

Lane Configuration

From Unpleasant Lanes Comments
exit 0 Exit 11 2×2

Traffic intensities

40,000 vehicles per day drive at the interchange with I-10/12, dropping to 20,000 vehicles per day at the Mississippi border.

Louisiana Interstate 610

Get started New Orleans
End New Orleans
Length 4 mi
Length 7 km
1A → Downtown / Baton Rouge1B Canal Boulevard

2A St. Bernard Avenue

2B Gentilly Boulevard

2C Broad Street

3 Elysian Fields Avenue

4A Franklin Avenue

4B → Mobile

Interstate 610 or I -610 is a short Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Louisiana. The highway bypasses Downtown New Orleans, where I-10 detours through downtown, I-610 provides a direct connection for east-west traffic within the New Orleans metropolitan area. I-610 is 7 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Detail of I-610 in New Orleans.

Interstate 610 bypasses Downtown New Orleans and is shorter than the detour Interstate 10 takes through downtown. I-610 begins and ends at I-10, providing the fastest connection between the west and east of the city. Long-haul traffic along the south coast in this region does not follow I-10 but Interstate 12 north of Lake Pontchartrain, meaning that I-610 has no greater function as a bypass than for traffic within the New Orleans metropolitan area. I-610 has 2×3 lanes, except at the interchanges with I-10, where there are 2×2 lanes. A significant portion of I-610 is on overpasses.


Planning for I-610 began in the mid-to-late 1950s, and a six-lane freeway was approved in October 1962. The right-of-way was purchased in 1966, construction began in 1971, but a lawsuit followed the following year, delaying construction. The highway was opened after that, probably in the mid to late 1970s. The last section to open was the easternmost 2 miles between US 90 and I-10.

Traffic intensities

Between 85,000 and 105,000 vehicles use I-610 daily.

Louisiana Interstate 69

Get started Junction City
End Logansport
Length ~100 mi
Length ~160 km
Stonewall (planned)(planned)


Red River (planned)

Taylor Town (planned)

Haughton (LA-157) (planned)


Interstate 69 is a planned Interstate Highway in Louisiana. The highway is to run through the northwest of the state, through the Shreveport region, and has a planned length of approximately 160 kilometers.

Travel directions

Interstate 69 in Texas will come from Tenaha and cross the Louisiana border at Logansport. After this, the route heads northeast and will cross Interstate 49 at Stonewall. Further northeast, the route passes just outside the Shreveport area, likely extending State Route 3132 to I-69, before crossing the Red River. East of Haughton, I-69 will intersect Interstate 20 and then head north to the Arkansas border. Interstate 69 in Arkansas must then run towards El Dorado.


At the moment no part is under construction and the construction of Interstate 69 in Louisiana is not yet concrete, no financing and no route has yet been chosen. I-69 does not serve major Louisiana cities, although it does close a missing portion of the Shreveport ring road.

In September 2014, the first 56 kilometers were approved in the Shreveport region. This section should run from US 171 on the south side of Stonewall to I-20 on the east side of Haughton. It is planned to be the first to build the bridge over the Red River.

Louisiana Interstate 910

Get started Marrero
End New Orleans
Length 16 km
  • New Orleans

Interstate 910 is an unsigned Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Louisiana. The highway is part of the Business route of US 90 in Louisiana. The road connects the southern suburbs of New Orleans to the center of that city, including a bridge over the Mississippi River. The non-signposted section is 16 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The highway begins at Ames Avenue in the suburb of Marrero. The highway has 2×3 lanes from here and runs elevated through the suburbs and crosses a drainage canal. One then passes through the suburb of Gretna, after which the toll station follows for the bridge over the Mississippi. The highway then crosses the Mississippi River in 4+2+4 lanes via two cantilever bridges. In New Orleans, both highways run double-deck for a short time, before ending at the Louisiana Superdome on Interstate 10, which connects to other parts of the state.

Louisiana Interstate 69