Indonesia Country Overview

Indonesia (country of a thousand islands) is a state in Southeast Asia. An agro-industrial country, the capital is Jakarta. Religion – Islam.
The word “Indonesia” is a combination of (Latin indus – India) and (Greek nesos – island), translated as “Insular India”. Indonesia is the largest island nation in the world. It is located on both sides of the equator on the islands of the Malay Archipelago and New Guinea (17,500 islands).

Shared borders with Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and East Timor The climate is equatorial, humid. The average temperature in the year is +26*С.

Indonesia is a land of mysteries and one of the most developed countries located in the southeast of the Asian continent. Currently, Indonesian resorts are in great demand among tourists. Among Russian tourists every year this country is also gaining popularity.

Indonesia has three time zones. On the islands of Java and Bali plus 5 hours. With the transition of Russia to summer time – plus 4 hours.

Useful telephone numbers
Emergency telephone numbers in Bali: Ambulance – 118; police – 110; fire department – 113; information desk – 108.

According to nonprofitdictionary, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago. The country is divided into 27 provinces and includes 14,000 islands that cross the equator. The largest of them are Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi.

The islands of Indonesia are fraught with treasures of natural wonders and ethnic rarities. Each island is a unique small country with its own unique way of life, colorful culture and ancient traditions. Here you can see the monuments of ancient cultures and modern shopping centers in big cities, the rituals of primitive tribes and elegant works of modern art, the wild nature of the tropics and the fabulous beauty of the underwater world. A whole string of eras and cultures will open to your eyes.

The flora and fauna are amazingly diverse, including rare species of mammals and reptiles, as well as birds with exquisite plumage and brightly colored large butterflies. The nature of Indonesia is the richest on our planet. And only in Indonesia you can see the untouched nature of Asia and Australia in one trip.

The state occupies most of the Malay Archipelago. Indonesia has land borders with Malaysia and Papua New Guinea and is bordered by the South China Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean to the south and west, and the Timor and Arafura Seas. Maritime borders separate Indonesia from Singapore and Malaysia in the northwest, from the Philippines in the north, and from Australia in the southeast.

The capital of Indonesia – the city of Jakarta, a modern metropolis, one of the most dynamically developing cities in Southeast Asia – is located on the island of Java. About 80% of the inhabitants profess Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism are widespread. In some areas of Java and Sumatra there are many Hindus, the inhabitants of Bali profess a peculiar mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism. Paganism in Indonesia still exists and permeates all religious movements and everyday life of the islanders.

The climate in Indonesia is equatorial maritime. Sunny weather persists almost the entire year. The average air temperature is kept at around + 27 * C, the water temperature in the seas washing Indonesia also never drops below + 27 * C. When the east monsoon blows (April-October), the dry season, beloved by tourists, begins. From November to March, the western monsoon arrives and brings with it the rainy season. During the wet season, there is an average of 10 rains per month, and half of it falls at night. The ideal time to visit Indonesia is summer.


Going to another country, you must have an entry permit – a visa.
It is issued at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Indonesia in Moscow.
Deadline for submission of documents: at least 7 days before departure.

Documents required for obtaining a visa:
– a foreign passport valid for at least 6 months after the start of the trip (for children from 6 to 14 years old, inscribed in the parents’ passports, a photo is required);
– 2 photos (3×4); for children entered in the parents’ passport – 2 photos. Photos must be in color on a white background.
– 1 completed questionnaire;
– a photocopy or printout of the ticket reservation.

For citizens of the former Soviet republics who wish to apply for a visa in Moscow, additional documents are required (copy of registration); The rules for issuing visas at the Indonesian embassy in Moscow often change, it is better to ask in advance when it is necessary to submit documents.

Indonesia Country Overview