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About.com - Elegant Resorts
Find something for every need, from honeymoon and couples-only spots to kid-friendly resorts, plus reviews and bargains.

Best in the World
Guide to more than 1,000 top hotels from around the world. Includes country details and links to individual sites.

CNN - Legendary Hotels
Offers descriptions of famous hotels across the United States and in Hong Kong that harken back to another era.

Epinions - Hotels & Resorts
Find consumer reviews of hotels, resorts, and spas broken down by country, region and hotel ownership. Reviews written by business travelers.

Fodor's Hotel Index
Search by hotel name or specifications to find reviews of lodgings that meet Fodor's high standards for quality, comfort and value.

Hotel & Motel Management - International News
Find a list of hotels due to open or recently opened according to an article written on January 2000. Includes hotels in Asia and the Caribbean.

Search for worldwide hotels by city, state or country, then download RealPlayer clips and take a tour.

Looksmart's Travel Center
Search for fares on tickets from major airlines, rent a car, make hotel reservations, or learn about cruises, vacation packages and destinations.

Modern Maturity - Odd Lodging
Features a guide to unusual lodging options throughout North America from a tree house hotel in Oregon to an ice hotel in Quebec.

Open World City Guides
Detailed guides to some of the world's most visited cities. Includes street maps showing top hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Savvy Traveler - Hip Hotels
Profiles New York's W Hotel, and lists a handful of other boutique hotels.

Travel & Leisure - Shhh ... 50 Secret Hotels
Contains descriptions of exclusive hotels around the world from safari camps in Africa to cave dwellings in Turkey.

Travel Agent - All-Inclusive Alternatives
Travel industry publication offers guidance on finding an all-inclusive resort without visiting one of the major chains. From FindArticles.

Travel Agent - Club Med's Comeback
1999 report focuses on the Club Med resort company, announcing its financial and structural gains and statistical success. Link to the magazine.

Travel Agent - Customized Comfort
Find predictions for the hotel room of the future, and how technology is going to impact the hotel industry.

Travel Agent - Forecast for the Future, Hotels
Hotel executives dream of the hotels of the future, where guests use technology to order exactly what they want in a hotel room.

Travel Agent - Hotels Sparkle in Southeast Asia
Three of the most impressive Ritz-Carlton hotels are in Southeast Asia, according to this travel magazine. Find details of service and features.

Travel Agent - Paradise Improved
Report from March, 2001 updates travelers on renovations to Club Med resorts in the Bahamas, Mexico, Colorado, and more.

Travel Agent - Standard Procedures
Discusses how Best Western International is preparing to introduce a new set of standards to cover its properties worldwide, plus a tier system.

Travel Agent - Star Gazing
Discusses the new ratings of hotels by Mobil for its travel guide, including some surprise downgrades, and the usefulness in general of ratings.

Travel Agent - Timely Expansion
Entrance of the British hotel chain Millennium Hotels and Resorts into the US market is described, beginning with its millennial kickoff in N.Y.

Travel Agent - Villages for Adults
Nightclubs, dancing, and social activities abound at these Club Med resorts aimed at grown-up travelers.

Travel Agent - Villages for Everyone
Brief article from March, 2001 describes Club Med's resorts and facilities in the Bahamas, French Polynesia, Mexico, and elsewhere.

Travel Agent - Villages for Families
Check out services and accommodations for families at Club Med resorts in Mexico, Florida, the Dominican Republic, and other locations.

Travel America - Lodges & Hotels of Our National Parks
Read about the history, amenities and activities offered by lodges and hotels in national parks, like Yellowstone and Glacier Nat'l Park. FindArticles archive, July 2001.

Travel Channel - Lighthouses ... Spend the Night
Features an overview of lighthouses across the United States that offer overnight lodging.
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