Florida Hotels

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The beautiful Sunshine State Florida coastline offers great opportunities for entertainment and nature lovers alike. Visit the world famous Disney parks, Universal Studios and Seaworld, or travel south to Everglades National Park. Do you like cities? Visit the metropolises of Orlando, Miami, Kissimmee and Tampa!

Traveling to Florida

Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Disney World, the Everglades. World famous among partygoers is the Spring Break in Panama City Beach. Every year in March hundreds of thousands of students go there to celebrate the spring break with a lot of noise. Fortunately, there are also many other beaches in the Sunshine State. Miami is of course the most famous city together with Miami Beach.

The following lists major cities and resorts in the state of Florida. Check Countryaah.com for a full list of cities and towns in Florida.


Miami has a subtropical climate, which makes this city a good destination for a sun, sea and beach holiday. The city is best known for its pearly white beaches, endless shopping avenues and a vibrant nightlife.

In 1895, only 9 people lived along the Miami River. That is hard to imagine today. Railroad owners Henry Flagler and Julia Tuttle reached an agreement to build a railroad from West Palm Beach to Miami. When the railroad was inaugurated in the spring of 1896, it was the beginning of a popular destination, today’s South Miami Avenue.

On July 28, 1896, Miami became a city with a population of approximately 700. Today’s downtown, on the north bank of the Miami River, was home to most of the population. The city soon expanded as migrants from other parts of Florida and even the Bahamas moved to picturesque Miami, surrounded by the waters of the river and beautiful Biscayne Bay.

Miami is developing in the 20th century

In the 20th century, downtown Miami developed, housing, employment, and tourists. The city expanded northward, creating areas such as Fort Dallas Park. The center developed mainly along the river and thus the so-called Colored Town, now known as Over Town, was created.

After World War II, Miami developed like never before. New businesses and stores were opening in record time, and downtown Miami at one point had as many as 9 movie theaters. The waterfront attractions such as Bayfront Park & ​​Pier Five also attracted a large crowd.

Miami Dade College

Miami-Dade College, better known as the Wolfson Campus, located on the northern side of the city, opened in the late 1960s. The campus currently accommodates 25,000 students. Near the campus is Biscayne Boulevard with restaurants, the American Airlines Arena, the Bayfront Park and a beautiful new museum park with 2 large museums.

Historic Park Lummus

Lummus Historic Park is one of modern-day Miami’s best-kept secrets. The park is named after James E. Lummus, the 2nd Mayor of the City of Miami. The 7-acre park is located between northwest 2 and 3 and North River Drive, near the Miami River. The fence of the park consists of a limestone rim which was classified in 1909 when it was founded.

The park is home to Miami’s two most historic landmarks: the William English Slave Plantation House from 1840 and the Wagner Homestead House, built in 1850.

Scottish Rite Temple

In the first decade of the 20th century, the neighborhood around the park was one of the most beautiful places in the city. In this area are The Scottish Rite Temple, The Temple Court Apartments which are almost 100 years old, The Oaks house on Northwest 3rd street directly opposite the park and there are also a few nicely restored houses on Northwest 4rd street.

Traveling to Miami

Miami is located in the state of Florida in the southeast of the country. The heart of the city is formed by South Beach and the world-famous Ocean Drive boulevard. However, the city has much more to offer than beaches and clubs such as the Little Havana neighborhood and the beautiful Everglades Nature Reserve. Stay informed about Miami with our inspiring newsletter full of Miami & Beach tips!

Miami Landmarks

Did you know that Miami is home to one of the oldest buildings in the Western Hemisphere? Or that you can find the most impressive Art Deco architecture collections in Miami? Miami has plenty of historic sites and attractions and this is reflected throughout the city. We highlight a number of popular sights for you.

Old meets new: architecture on Miami beach

The old Spanish monastery is said to be the oldest building in America. This hidden gem can be found in the north of Miami Beach but was not fully built here. The base of the building has its origin in Segovia, Spain, and dates back to 1141 AD. After monks had used the building for more than 700 years, a social revolution ensured that the building was sold and used as a granary.

In 1925 William Randolph, an important figure in the newspaper world, bought the monastery and its outbuildings. He had the monastery dismantled, stone by stone, and shipped the components of the monastery to the United States in more than 11.00 crates. Nearly 30 years later, some developers in Miami took the step to restore the monastery to its original state. And today, the old building can be seen on Miami Beach.

Miami Beach is also home to the famous Art Deco Historic District, home to extensive collections of Art Deco architecture. White facades, neon lights and sleek designs can be found on one of America’s most talked about streets: Ocean Drive. Here you can also discover the iconic and often photographed boutique hotels. Think, for example, of the hotels that appeared in films like Scarface and Bad Boys.

Also visit Collins Avenue, home to the Delano and The Raleigh hotels, 2 hot spots that have been put on the map by big names in Hollywood. Walking tours of the Art Deco Historic District are organized daily from the Art Deco Welcome Center.

In the vicinity of Meridian Avenue you will find the Holocaust Memorial, a beautiful tribute to the 6 million Jewish victims of the Second World War. The garden and modern sculpture were designed by noted American architect Kenneth Treister.

Historic Homes in Coconut Grove and Coral Gables

Coconut Grove is home to the beautiful Vizcaya Museum and surrounding gardens. In the early 1900s, this National Historic Landmark was the winter home of James Deering, a noted industrial designer. Inside the museum you can enjoy European art and antiques while outside you can walk through the beautiful gardens of no less than 4 hectares. Tip: drink coffee or tea with cake at the Vizcaya lunch cafe after your visit to Coconut Grove.

Just steps away is the Barnacle Historic State Park, a charming historic home that is fun to visit. Not as extravagant as Vizcaya but with an equally impressive view of the waters of the Deering Canal. It was built by Coconut Grove pioneer Ralph Munroe in 1891. Today, the Barnacle Historic State Parc hosts special events such as traditional dances and picnics.

Not far from Coconut Grove is the Coral Gables Merrick home, the home where Coral Gables founder George E. Merrick grew up. The 1920s house pays tribute to the first real estate developer to build one of the first neighborhoods in the country.

Our favorite is also in Coral Gables: The Venetian Pool. This 100-year-old pool is carved out of rock and has beautiful waterfalls and a stone bridge to a small island. This is the ideal place to cool off before moving on to the next activity in Miami.

Little Havana

Little Havana is the colorful center of Spanish culture in Miami. The area is scattered with Latin-inspired cafes, restaurants, venues and markets that give space and voice to all the different backgrounds that can be found nearby. Here you will find locals having an afternoon coffee or eating fresh fruit, talking about politics during a board game. Try authentic dishes from all over Latin America and enjoy the Cuban beats in the background. On the last Friday of every month, in Little Havana you’ll find ‘Viernes Culturales’ or Cultural Friday. This is a monthly gallery night that showcases the neighborhood’s cultural art scene.

Little Haiti

This Miami neighborhood is the cultural heart of the Haitian diaspora. Haitian immigrants came to live here in the 1980s and you’ll find influences from the Caribbean here ever since. Think of galleries, museums, family businesses and bookstores. Little Haiti is home to one of Miami’s most vibrant art scenes.

The nostalgic old Florida

Grab the rental car and drive along the Old Dixie Highway to charming Cauley Square, a historic town where time has stood still. Visit the restaurant and tea house, walk the landscaped paths over the undulating countryside and visit the old-fashioned boutiques.

If you are looking for an outdoor activity, choose the Deering Estate in Cutler. This 444-acre nature reserve is located in Biscayne Bay. For example, rent a canoe or go on a walking tour through the landscape with a guide. Or check out the historic Richmond Cottage and The Stone House homes.

Food & Drink in Miami

It’s an exciting time in Miami with all the culinary achievements you’ll find there. From fresh produce from local chefs to authentic Latin American cuisine, your taste buds will be spoiled for choice here! Discover the diversity of cuisines in tasteful Miami. The nightlife, hip bars and the many coffee shops in Miami are waiting for you.

Restaurants in Miami

The choice of restaurants is unimaginably large in Miami. Given its location in Florida, Latin American cuisine is well represented. More and more Asian fusion restaurants are opening there, some owned by world famous stars such as TATEL by Enrique Iglesias and Rafael Nadal.

Mango Gang, a Miami culinary philosophy

Chef Allen Susser, Norman Van Aken, Mark Millitello and Douglas Rodriguez are culinary pioneers and Mango Gang members, thus founding the New World Cuisine in the 1990s. They have paved the way for today’s culinary philosophers from molecular gastronomy to comfort food. You can often find Miami’s chefs on national TV shows and in food magazines. They have become celebrities.

Chef Bernstein

These days, it’s almost continuously on the Food Network and Iron Chef’s darling Michelle Bernstein’s (Cena by Michy’s, Crumb on parchment) culinary wedding to the oh-so-trendy Thompson. Bernstein Seagrape at the Thompson – dubbed a “Florida Brasserie” – takes its inspiration from coasts of South Florida and the Caribbean. As touted by OpenTable, Seagrape focuses on the “local bounty sourced from land and sea” and “offers a handful of nearby farmers to do their vital work in the garden.” Fresh vegetables and eclectic sauces complement a selection of grilled steaks and fresh seafood. In collaboration with her husband, David Martinez, and nightlife impresarios Karim Masri and Nicola Siervo, Chef Bernstein has captured the style of old Miami for a new generation.

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

In the Wynwood Arts District, everyone is talking about Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. The perfect blend of cutting-edge art, renowned music and authentic Miami cuisine. In this international cooler-than-cool eatery, renowned graffiti artist Shepard Fairey has painted a floor-to-ceiling mural. Berlin artist Christian Awe has a panorama canvas hanging in the lounge and an 11-foot sculpture by David Benjamin Sherry shows off in the. The terrace is surrounded by the murals of Wynwood Walls, the largest street art park in the United States.

Wynwood Yard

Food trucks have meanwhile become commonplace and a welcome feature among Dutch tourists. We like to taste the diverse range. In Miami they have a permanent place in the Wynwood Yard. On 56 NW 29th St. more than 10 food trucks are set up around a central square where you can eat the dishes. Founder Della saw that other entrepreneurs from the food business wanted to work together to offer locals and tourists a culinary place in Miami. Taste of the Yard, costs $25 for 5 tickets. Each truck has a special dish that you can choose. This way you can try several dishes in one evening.

Arts & Culture in Miami

Discover the versatility Miami has to offer. Discover one of the many museums, go to the theater for an evening or attend a dance performance. Or visit the world famous Art Basel fair. Find out what’s going on in Miami’s arts and culture here.

Museums in Miami

From museums known for modern art to fascinating historical institutions. Miami has plenty to offer. Since the opening of the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) in 2013, Miami has attracted many new modern art lovers. From art to design and from history to culture, pick your favorite from Miami’s many museums.

Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

The Pérez Art Museum Miami is arguably the most important museum in Miami, PAMM opened its doors in December 2013, just in time for Art Basel. Dedicated to international art of the 20th and 21st centuries from the American perspective, the museum presents an impressive permanent collection as well as rotating exhibitions.

The Wolfsonian-FIU

The Wolfsonian Museum is located in the center of South Beach’s Art Deco District. In addition to being a museum, the Wolfsonian is also a library and research center exploring the power of art and design and what it means to be modern. Their collection of more than 120,000 objects dates back to 1885 to 1945. They focus on American and European decorative arts and complement this with versatile exhibitions.

History Miami Museum

The History Miami Museum is located on a beautiful square in downtown Miami. The exhibition ‘Tropical Dreams: The History of Man in South Florida’ is permanently open to visitors. In addition, they host various exhibitions that showcase Miami’s historic moments one by one.

Haitian Heritage Museum

If you’re looking for Haitian culture in Miami, don’t miss the Haitian Heritage Museum. This museum is dedicated to Haitian art, historical monuments, music, film and literary pieces. It is a meeting place in the colorful and vibrant neighborhood of Little Haiti.

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is a new science museum that aims to share the power of science and drive research and innovation for the future. Located in Downtown Miami’s Water Park Museum Park, Frost Science is divided into 4 buildings: the Frost Planetarium, Aquarium, and the North and West Wings. Here you will learn all about the core sciences behind living systems, the solar system and the biology of the human body. Dive into the world of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and much more.


From visiting Broadway productions to new South Florida plays, world-renowned musicians or beautiful dance pieces, Miami offers a variety of theater productions that can be seen all over the city. Below are some popular places in Miami.

Adrienne Arsht Center

The heart of Miami’s performing arts culture, The Adrienne Arsht Center is home to the Miami City Ballet, the Grand Grand Florida and the New World Symphony. With 3 theaters in the complex, the Adrienne Arsht Center also hosts Broadway productions, comedy, jazz and cabaret.

New World Center

The New World Center is a beautiful state-of-the-art facility designed by star architect Frank Gehry. Under the direction of conductor Michael Tilson Thomas, the New World Symphony presents classical and preeminent symphonic works within the theatre, as well as live for Soundscape Park.

Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center

The Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center is home to a dynamic roster of musicians, storytellers, comedians and dance from around the world. Founded in 1926 as a silent movie theater in the heart of Miami, it is a special venue for special occasions.

The Fillmore Miami Beach in het Jackie Gleason Theater

The Fillmore is an art deco venue in Miami Beach and one of the frequent premiere venues for concerts and comedy. From underground indie artists to headliners, the musical lineup is always dynamic. The Fillmore also hosts the South Beach Comedy Festival every year.

Art Basel Miami

Art Basel Miami is the most comprehensive international art fair showcasing contemporary art in all of North America. With 269 galleries from 29 countries, more than 4,000 artists are showcased in total. The fair is held at the Miami Beach Convention Center and attracts more than 73,000 visitors, art dealers, artists and collectors.

The history of Art Basel

The Art Basel in Miami is actually a copy of the original, which was founded in 1970 in Basel, Switzerland. The trio Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner and Balz Hilt represent various artists and in 1970 collected their works of art for the first edition of Art Basel. This was a huge success and during the first fair they welcomed more than 16,000 visitors.

Miami was selected as an ideal second destination due to its unique position between North America and South America. Over the years, with the continued success of Art Basel, Miami has become a popular art destination. Art Basel has also been held in Hong Kong since 2012, a city that symbolizes the intersection between Eastern and Western culture.

The Wynwood District

The Wynwood Arts District has over 70 art galleries, shops, antique stores, bars and one of the largest outdoor street-building installations in the world.

The Wynwood Arts District Association has been active since 2009 for the well-being and betterment of the Wynwood Arts District, one of the largest and most creative communities in the United States. Taking over Greater Miami’s warehouse and manufacturing district, developers have converted neglected warehouses, factories and other unusual buildings into the numerous art complexes, galleries, art halls, restaurants, cafes and other creative businesses that you can see here today.

Nature in Miami

Discover the amazing nature in Miami. Stroll through Everglades National Park, visit the Miami Zoo or sunbathe on one of Miami’s many beaches. Miami Beach has the word beach in its name for a reason.

National Parks in Miami

Just an hour’s drive from the city you will find 2 large national parks where you can escape all the hustle and bustle of the city. The Everglades and Biscayne National Parks attract approximately 1.5 million visitors each year who want to explore Florida’s breathtaking wilderness.

Everglades National Park

With over 607 acres, Everglades National Park is the 3rd largest park in the 48 states of the US National Park system. This UNESCO World Heritage Site consists mainly of mangrove swamps, grass beds and sub-tropical jungles and is surrounded by the waters of Florida Bay. They are the habitat of rare plants and endangered species. The best time to visit the park is between January and April and in the autumn period. The summer months are less popular, because then you have to take into account the mosquitoes that appear.

You can visit the park on your own, but there are also tours where you will discover the area with an expert. Think, for example, of organized walks or canoeing. Nice to visit is the town of Flamingo, about 38 miles from the main entrance of the park. Flamingo is a colorful city with a rich history. Today dolphins, sea turtles, pelicans and more than 350 species of birds live here. In addition, the combination of salt and fresh water in Florida makes this park the only place on earth where freshwater alligators and rare American crocodiles can live together.

Biscayne National Park

The Biscayne National Park is a fairly rare park in contrast to the other national parks in Florida due to the large amounts of water. The park consists of 70011 hectares and about 95% consists of the clear turquoise waters of Biscayne bay. In addition to the water, the park consists of the longest stretch of mangrove forest in Florida’s east coast. Boating on the water is the way to discover the wonders of Biscayne National Park.

To dive

Slightly closer to Miami’s famous beaches, divers can enjoy the largest artificial reef program in the world. Close to the Bahamas and the Gulf Stream, the sea of ​​Miami has the perfect temperature for diving all year round. Miami offers a wide variety of diving opportunities close to the big city and has therefore earned the unofficial reputation of the “Wreckreational Capital” of America.

Miami Zoo

As the only zoo in America, Zoo Miami has a subtropical climate. This makes it possible to admire certain animal species that would not have been possible without this climate. With more than 2,000 animals and 1,200 different plants, trees and flowers, Zoo Miami is full of beautiful nature. You can book a tour of the zoo with a guide or even a look behind the scenes of the zoo, great fun with children. The zoo also has the so-called Safari Sleepovers, where you get the opportunity to spend the night in the zoo.

Beaches of Miami

Miami is of course also known for the many beaches along the east coast of the city. If you can’t choose which beach you want to go to, we have listed a number of suggestions. View our tips here.

Bal Harbor Beach in Bal Harbour

A little to the north of central Miami Beach is Bal Harbor Beach. A quiet, extensive sandy beach behind which luxury 5-star hotels are located. With the white beach and the turquoise color of the sea, you have a beautiful view here and you can enjoy an afternoon here. Enjoy the setting sun here, the shade of the palm trees on the asphalted path where people are running or cycling. Follow the path and you will arrive at the northernmost tip of the beach where there is a jetty. If you are a fishing enthusiast, you can cast your rod here because fishing is allowed here. It is also good to know that there are no showers or lifeguards on this beach.

If you are with a rental car, there are limited parking spaces under Haulover Bridge. For a quick bite near the beach, head to one of the small cafes in the nearby town of Surfside. Or choose to dine elegantly in one of the Bal Harbor Shops bistros.

Bill Baggs Cape in Key Biscayne

At the end of Key Biscayne is Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Beach, one of Miami’s most popular beaches. This is also where the historic Miami Lighthouse is located.

The beach is ideal for activities such as walking and cycling. In addition, the beach also has changing rooms. picnic tables, showers and a small cafe. Fishing enthusiasts can indulge themselves as there is plenty of space to cast your rod along Biscayne Bay. There are two restaurants, the Lighthouse Café with a view of the sea and the Boaters Grill restaurant in a quieter part. Both restaurants serve delicious traditional Cuban dishes. A relaxing day at the beach is never the same. Parking near the beach is free.

North Shore Open Space Park in Miami Beach

This park and beach have received the most votes from locals for the well-maintained lawns and beautiful walkways on the beach. The North Shore Open Space Park offers a good alternative to one of the more famous beaches in the area. This is a place where you can really relax, without the tourists.

Here you don’t have to fight for a place in the sun. There is always room! Plop down somewhere, put out your picnic items and relax. Dogs are allowed here on a leash and only on the lawns. What is so nice about this park is that there are also enough places in the shade due to the number of trees. There are plenty of free parking spaces available nearby.

Miami Beach/South Beach Park in the Art Deco District/South Beach

The South Beach beach begins at America’s Party Beach, at 1 Washington Avenue. Walk all the way along the boardwalk to the end at 21st Street, the southernmost tip of Miami Beach. This is the place you might recognize from television, magazines or postcards. South Beach attracts many young people and therefore you have a very energetic atmosphere here. Find the shade of a palm tree in Lummus Park and enjoy the view of the ocean.

Don’t forget to take a picture at the beautiful colored and famous lifeguard houses. When you’ve had enough of the sun, you can easily pop into a cafe or restaurant along the famous Ocean Drive. There are plenty of parking spaces in the Miami South Beach area.

Virginia Key Beach in Key Biscayne

Virginia Key Beach is located at 3701 Rickenbacker Causeway in Key Biscayne. In front of the beach entrance is a large wooden sign indicating the name of the historic beach, which is located just next to the Rickenbacker Causeway and opposite the Miami Seaquarium.

The beach was known for the former Jimbo’s movie set but is now used as a popular meeting place for young people. On this beach it is possible to go windsurfing and you can also rent a seaplane here. Enjoy views of Brickell AVenue and the downtown Miami skyline. Parking in the area is free.

Staying in Miami

In Miami there are plenty of options to stay overnight. Choose a luxury hotel where you wake up in the morning and look out over the sea or opt for a smaller boutique hotel with a homely atmosphere. Are you looking for a hotel with a swimming pool or would you rather dive into the sea at Miami Beach? Miami offers a lot of choice. We give you our tips.

Luxury Resorts with Sea Views in Miami Beach

Waking up with breakfast in bed while looking out over the sea, that sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But here in Miami it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Loews Miami Beach

Loews Miami Beach has a total of nearly 800 rooms and suites and offers the true beach resort atmosphere. With a pool surrounded by a tropical oasis and easy access to the beach, you can choose where to throw your towel in and relax under the sun. For a VIP experience, book a luxury cabana near the rooftop sundeck and enjoy the incredible view.


The Delano hotel is not only one of the most famous hotels in Miami but also offers direct access to the beach. Delano also hosts the most popular pool parties on South Beach. The Delano Beach Club is the ultimate beach resort during the day and transforms into a sultry nightclub at night. Take a dip in the pool and cool off on a lounger in the scenic surroundings.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

With over 1,500 rooms, the spacious resort is a destination in itself. The outdoor setting of Fontainebleau has walls with water flowing from them combined with multiple pools, all with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. It offers a luxurious experience for couples or groups. There are several cabana options, including the island cabana, a cabana in the center of the circular pool and in the heart of the garden.

W South Beach

The W South Beach hotel is a place to see and be seen. Retreat to a cabana by one of the two infinity pools or opt for a chaise lounge on the beach and enjoy the many water sports enthusiasts who are active. For the best views in the house, book the “WOW Suite”. This is a 1,900 square meter penthouse with panoramic views from all angles. Very impressive!

The Four Seasons Hotel in The Surf Club

Private club The Surf Club houses the chic Four Seasons Hotel. The club is located a stone’s throw from the sea and was built in the 1930s. The Four Seasons Hotel has no fewer than 77 luxurious rooms and a landscape of 9 hectares. Enjoy a cocktail in a luxurious cabana, unwind in the spa or sunbathe on one of the sunbeds. This lovely hideaway under the sun is sure to be an editor’s favorite.

The Mandarin Hotel

Located on Brickell Key Island, this hotel offers beautiful views of the Miami skyline and Biscayne Bay. The well-known shops of Mary Brickell Village are just 950 meters from the hotel. The hotel has a beautiful swimming pool with butler service, a modern fitness center and after your workout you can relax in the spa.

The on-site Azul restaurant is located on the water and mainly serves Asian and French Fusion dishes. Close to the hotel are the well-known areas of Wynwood and Coconut Grove. South Beach is also 10 kilometers away from the hotel.

Boutique hotels in Miami

Boutique hotels come in all shapes and sizes. Some are modern, some are retro, some are relaxed. Some boutique hotels are secluded and hidden while others are the place to see and be seen. The things that boutique hotels have in common are that they all want to create their own unique world with attention to personal hospitality. They are typically independent hotels with significantly fewer rooms than big brand or indoor resorts. And they are often a cheaper alternative. View our tips for 3 boutique hotels in Miami here.

Sense Beach House

Italian entrepreneur Ciro Campagnoli describes his 18-room ‘Sense Beach House’ as a micro boutique.

“Located in the relaxed and residential SoFi neighborhood of South Beach, the hotel is designed to feel like visiting friends on the weekend, and the chic that comes with it.”

The soft tones of blue and sand and the white-clad wooden tables create a cozy atmosphere in the lobby of Sense Beach House. The adjacent Local House restaurant is a favorite with locals, serving fresh, low-calorie dishes such as crispy octopus a la plancha, goat cheese croquettes and tuna tataki. It also features a game room, free paddle boards, and a tranquil rooftop pool overlooking the ocean. Rates for this boutique hotel start at $367 per night.

The Circa 39 Hotel

The Circa 39 hotel was completely renovated in 2014 and is therefore completely ready for the coming years. With its beautiful, bohemian design, the 97-room hotel ensures a cozy and stylish stay. With plush sun loungers and flower umbrellas by the pool it is a lovely place to spend the summer days. Julie’s kitchen makes the most delicious comfort dishes such as her Thai Lemongrass soup, Moroccan couscous salad and spaghetti bolognese. Hotel rates start at $169 per night.

The Vintro Hotel

The Vintro Hotel is a chic art hotel on the edge of South Beach’s Collins Park. It opened in August 2014 with 50 rooms, within the former Park Ave. The Vintro Hotel distinguishes the area’s Art Deco history in the past through the ‘Memorabilia Mural’ displayed in the lobby.

The building makes great use of its space with a roof terrace and swimming pool complete with rainbow colored hammocks for relaxing. It also features a restaurant that serves gourmet Mediterranean cuisine indoors or out on a beautifully landscaped patio, overlooking the waters of the Collins Canal. Rates start at $251 per night.

Retro hotels and MiMo architecture in miami

When you first visit Miami Beach, the unique features that you are sure to remember – in addition to the endless coastline with turquoise waters – are the colorful buildings and remarkable architecture. Whether it’s pastels that gracefully flourish with the Art Deco or the beautiful tile and stucco of the Mediterranean Revival, Miami Beach’s architecture is part of its character.

One of the most distinctive and interesting styles is what is known as MiMo or Miami Modern. With the playful space and a touch of ’50s kitsch, this is Miami’s Modernist architecture. Thanks to groups such as the Miami Design Preservation League, MiMo architecture has been lovingly preserved and today available for anyone to visit.

The Vagabond Hotel

The Vagabond boutique hotel is inspired by the 1950s and is located on US National Highway 1 in Miami. The hotel has a large outdoor pool and even its own fitness center. The restaurant serves Asian fusion dishes with a touch of Latin America from Miami.

Sports & Leisure in Miami

Sports and hiking enthusiasts can indulge themselves in Miami. There are plenty of activities to do in the Miami area. For example, visit the Everglades National Park or opt for a day of relaxation and completely unwind in a wellness center. Plenty of free time tips for your vacation in Miami.

Wild beasts in Miami

Because of its location in the swampy area of ​​Florida, you can easily find wild animals outside the center. Usually at a safe distance. With a guided tour you can see many animals such as alligators up close in real life. For less adventurous tourists, the Miami Zoo offers a nice alternative.

Alligators en Airboats

Near the main entrance to Everglades National Park is the Everglades Alligator Farm. This farm is home to the 14-foot long alligator named ‘Grandpa’ and 2,000 more alligators. In addition to seeing more alligators than you can count, you can also sail through the waters of the Everglades with a guide on an airboat. Don’t forget to have your picture taken with a baby alligator!

If you are looking for a private tour then you should definitely visit the Everglades Safari Park. Alligators, turtles, reindeer, raccoons and crocodiles are commonly found in this area of ​​Miami. Here you can survive along the Jungle Trail, visit an alligator show and take in the whole environment from the observation platform.

Monkeys and Orangutans

In Miami-Dade you will find Monkey Jungle, a park where as many as 30 species of monkeys live freely on 30 hectares of land. Spend a day in the jungle and enjoy the continuous pranks. The Monkey Jungle also offers Rainforest Adventure Tours in North America’s only semi-natural rainforest.

Miami’s spa & wellness

With the amount of sun that Miami has to offer, it is sometimes wonderful to pamper yourself with a day of spa and wellness. Enjoy a swim in the warm pools or occasionally dive into the sauna. Check out 3 tips below to completely relax.

The Betsy Wellness en Spa Retreat

Relaxing on the roof terrace of the Betsy Wellness & Spa is what everyone needs. This Zen-inspired environment is a hidden oasis of natural forest, bamboo, stone and lush palms. The Betsy Wellness and Spa Retreat offers beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy the complete range of wellness and spa treatments, therapies and yoga classes. A unique experience after sunbathing on the beach.

Lapis Spa in het Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach

Stay in one of the most glamorous hotels in Miami Beach. In the Fontainebleau, Lapis Spa occupies no less than two floors and over 40,000 square meters. Using age-old methods of natural and thermal water therapies, you’ll feel completely fresh in no time. In addition, they also have a wide range of massages and facials. The spa has even more, how about the mineral water jet pools, rain tunnels and a eucalyptus infusion steam room. Turn off your phone and enjoy an ultimate day of relaxation in luxury.

The Spa in het The Setai

An oasis of Asian tranquility, the spa at The Setai brings wellness traditions from faraway Asia back to the heart of South Beach. Each spa suite offers ocean and pool views and features a private bathroom and a steam bath. They offer various treatments such as Himalayan Hot Stone massages, Hammam ceremonies, Thai massages and Bali Oriental rituals.

Mandarin Oriental

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Miami as these oriental spas are known, is of the highest quality and loved by tourists and locals alike. With 11 treatment rooms and 6 luxurious spa suites with large windows overlooking Biscayne Bay, this spa is the top of the market. The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Miami hotel is known for their signature spa therapies.

Sports and Wellness Month in Miami

In April, sports, recreation and wellness take over Miami’s downtown and beaches during Miami Sports & Wellness Month ! Enjoy special discounts for recreational activities such as golf, tennis, cycling, running, water sports and much more. With so many diverse sports activities, staying active in Miami is very easy.


Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Miami and the Miami Heat is leading the way here. The games will be held in the center of the state-of-the-art American Airlines Arena, also known as the AAA on Biscayne Bay. Fans around the world fill the seats in the arena to watch superstars such as Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh perform.

Miami Tourist Board Tip: Test your own basketball skills and play a game at Jose Marti Park on the border of Brickell and Little Havana, or at Flamingo Park in the heart of South Beach. But there are also basketball courts where you can practice yourself at Alice C. Wainwright Park on the waterfront in Coconut Grove and Margaret Pace Park in downtown Edgewater.


Due to the humid weather, the grass on Miami’s golf courses grows like nowhere else in the world. This ensures perfect green fairways and great playing conditions. Did you know that 1 of the jobs is owned by President Trump? That’s the 18-hole Trump National Doral Miami – Red Tiger. Although the area is fairly flat, the architects have managed to create beautiful challenging courses that will make your golf game in Miami a lasting memory.


The Miami Dolphins, the city’s oldest sports franchise, was founded in 1966 and still holds the record for the only undefeated team in American professional sports. Soon fans will be able to enjoy the renovated Hard Rock Stadium with amenities such as an open-air hatch and brand new seats. Would you like to play a game of football yourself? this is possible in the many public parks or stands. Don’t be surprised if you see the NFL players training on the soccer field at Flamingo Park in South Beach during the off-season.

Transportation in Miami

Miami is a big city, so not everything is within walking distance. There are many options for getting from A to B easily. You have the Metrorail, the Metromover and the Metrobus, but of course also the tourist buses that drive you along all the highlights. Not only is public transportation a great way to see the sights in Miami, it’s also better for the environment. Read here what you need to know about transportation in Miami.


The Metrorail is a commuter line that runs from Palmetto (West Miami) to Downtown Miami and to Dadeland (South Miami). There is also a special Orange Line that runs to the airport. The Orange Line terminates at the Miami Intermodal Center and connects you directly to the Miami International Airport (MIA).

Tickets start at $2.25 and can be purchased with a prepaid, rechargeable EASY Card or EASY Ticket that you can purchase at Metrorail stations. Unlimited daily passes, weekly passes and monthly passes are also available. Our tip: For help planning your trip, download the Miami-Dade Transit Tracker app!

Miami’s City Buses

Metrobus has more than 90 routes with nearly 1,000 buses covering more than 41 million miles. An impressive number! One of the main advantages of taking the bus is the fact that the routes go to areas of the city where rail systems do not go. Such as to Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Homestead and even to Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Keys.

Bus rides start at $2.25 per trip and the easiest way to use is an Easyticket. Some bus routes run 24 hours a day, but we recommend checking individual routes carefully to avoid any surprises.

If you are going to Miami International Airport, the Airport Flyer (Route 150) offers a cheap connection option to the Miami Beach airport. This express bus runs every 30 minutes from Miami International Airport to a stop on South Beach, located at 41st Street and Collins Avenue.

The Port of Miami

Get on deck on one of the many boats in the Port of Miami and set course for different destinations! Wave goodbye to the many people on the boulevard and enjoy the many amenities that the ships of Port Miami have. Start or end your vacation in Miami and don’t forget to spend a few days in the city itself. In 2016, no fewer than 5.1 million passengers arrived via the port of Miami to spend a few days in the big city.

Shopping in Miami

For real shopping enthusiasts, Miami is great. The city has several shopping centers with luxury shops as well as small boutiques and outlet stores. From the beautifully landscaped Bal Harbor and shops in Merrick Park, to the sprawling shops of Dadeland and Dolphin, there’s a destination for every shop in Miami.

Aventura Mall

The Aventure Mall is officially not in Miami but just outside of it in Aventura at 19501, Biscayne Boulevard. It borders northern North Miami Beach. You can enjoy great shopping in the luxury stores of the well-known major brands and even buy a Tesla car. After shopping, enjoy a lunch with sushi, cheesecake or fresh cold pressed juices.

Miami Design District

In the Miami Design District you can not only shop, you will also find art and art galleries. For the real luxury horses there are shops from Burberry, Céline and Gucci. The Scandinavian brand COS also has a store there, as does the French bag store Longchamp and the German suitcase brand Rimowa.

Brickell City Centre

A new shopping center has opened in Downtown Miami; the Brickell City Center shopping center. This shopping center spans over 5 so-called “blocks” at 701 South Miami Avenue. You can shop there; all fashion brands have their stores there and this shopping center even has its own app.

Dadeland Mall

Forget the beach for a while and spend a day at the giant Dadeland Mall. At 1.4 million square feet, it’s home to Florida ‘s largest Macy’s, including a Macy’s Kids Store and a Macy’s Home Gallery. Also located here are the shops Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and JCPenney. In total, there are more than 185 stores here, including Coach, Hollister, Sephora and Zara. Even the tech enthusiast can indulge in the Microsoft or Tesla store. When all that shopping gets you hungry, head to Bobby Flay’s Bobby’s Burger Palace and Canadian restaurant Earls Kitchen + Bar.

Bal Harbour Shops

The legendary Bal Harbor Shops have put the village of Bal Harbor on the map in a big way. Founded in 1965 by real estate developer Stanley Whitman, Bal Harbor became Florida’s first exclusive high fashion shopping center. The 450,000-square-foot building houses more than 100 stores. Upscale department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue have a shop here. Even if you don’t have the budget to shop here for a day, the mall has much more to offer. It is a beautiful area with catwalks, marble fountains, koi ponds and bright flowers and palm trees. Make time for a meal in Makoto, where you can eat the best Japanese sushi in Miami or opt for the chic French bistro Le Zoo.

Shops at Merrick Park

Located in the heart of Coral Gables, Merrick Park’s shopping center is all about luxury. The courtyard garden is Mediterranean in style and has beautiful fountains. Surrounded by the fountains are beautiful shops such as Tiffany & Co., Gucci, Carolina Herrera, Diane Von Furstenberg and Burberry. In addition to the more expensive stores, you will also find affordable brands such as J. Crew, Athleta, Madewell, Anthropologic and Banana Republic. Choose restaurants such as the Yardhouse or Villaggio for fine Italian dishes.

Dolphin Mall

If you’re looking for designer brands at low prices, the Dolphin Mall is the place to be. This is Miami’s largest mall with 240 stores including the Calvin Klein Factory Outlet, Last Call by Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue’s Off 5th and the Tommy Hilfiger Company Store. It is so much more than just a shopping center as it also houses a cinema and bowling alley. The large Atrio Food Court has 30 eateries and the mall itself has 17 more, including The Cheesecake Factory and Jimmy’s BBQ restaurant.

Miami International Mall

In Miami International Mall you have more than 1 million square meters where you can enjoy shopping. The center is located in Doral, near Miami International Airport. Major fashion stores such as Macy’s Women’s and Kids, JCPenny, Sears and H&M have a shop here. But Forever 21, Coach and Guess are also located here. With 22 restaurants you have plenty of choice to take a break.

The Falls

Surrounded by millions of gallons of water, this mall called The Falls offers a lavish open-air shopping experience in Miami. Famous shops such as Macy’s, Origins and Swarovski are located here and it is also a popular place to grab a bite to eat. The Falls is a great shopping center for families, with a Build-a-Bear store and a salon for kids called Cartoon Cuts.


Visit the popular vacation destination of Orlando. You will not get bored easily in the city, which is surrounded by the most luxurious shopping malls and the world’s best theme parks such as Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal studios and SeaWorld Orlando.

Traveling to Orlando

Orlando is one of the well-known cities in Florida. In addition to the amusement parks, shopping centers and International Drive, downtown Orlando is also definitely worth a visit. In Orlando you land by plane at Orlando International Airport. From the airport you can use a rental car, local transport or shuttle services.


Tampa Bay, also called Tampa Bay, offers an excellent quality of life, it is a dynamic and diverse region. On the Tampa coastline you will find the southern hospitality of the residents. It is lively and cosy. During the annual historic Gasparilla party, the city is attacked by a band of pirates. Tampa is a combination of cultural heritage and modern city style; an authentic metropolis. From hot air balloon rides, strawberry farms to lush nature, Tampa has something for everyone.

Travel to Tampa

Take the plane to Tampa and enjoy the luxury, the serenity by the river, the rich culture and delicious culinary dishes. Stay informed about Tampa with our inspiring newsletter full of Tampa tips!

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