Excursions from Cancun and Riviera Maya, Mexico

Chichen Itza and Cenote IK-KIL. Chichen Itza is the ancient capital of the Maya, located 180 km from Cancun (2 hours by car), 140 km from Merida. Date of construction: 430-1400 AD Chichen Itza is one of the largest and most magnificent ceremonial centers of the Maya culture, which was intended for the most important religious ceremonies, including human sacrifices. The famous Pyramid of Kukulkan is the most important pyramid of this ancient city. The pyramid consists of 9 platforms on which the temple is located and is surrounded by four stairs that point to the four cardinal points. At the base of the north staircase are two large snake heads. The facade of the temple is decorated with two columns in the form of snakes. Each of the stairs has 91 steps, which gives a total of 364 days of the Mayan solar year. There is also a sacred well here. It is a pillar-shaped dip with a diameter of 60 m. From the surface of the water to the ground about 20 meters. The Maya believed that the rain god Chak lives in the depths of the waters, so during a drought people were sacrificed to him, throwing them into a cenote (well). The victims were warriors, children and girls, along with rich jewelry and expensive offerings.

After visiting Chichen Itza visit one of the most beautiful cenotes – Ik-Kil. Dinner. Departure from the hotel at 07:00 – 08:00 and return to the hotel at 18:00 – 19:00. What you need to bring with you: swimsuit, towel, hat, sunscreen.

SHKARET. The most famous natural amusement park in Mexico and the Caribbean with animals living almost in the wild and magnificent beaches. Underground rivers where tourists enjoy the view of the flora and fauna of the park, restaurants, an aquarium, a house of whispers with mysterious special effects, a Mayan cemetery with optimistic tombstones, swimming with dolphins or cat sharks, and much more. Visit the bird park, which is home to talkative parrots and where you can see toucans, pink flamingos and even vultures. It is worth visiting a mushroom factory or an orchid greenhouse, as well as a museum-estate. In the afternoon, a bright rodeo awaits tourists, as well as an amazing fire show performed by the Mayans. In the evening, there is a performance on the theme of the history of Mexico, in which approximately 200 actors participate.

MUSEUM OF UNDERWATER SCULPTURES. In November 2009, a unique underwater sculpture museum by Jason de Caires Taylor opened in Mexico. The museum itself was created at a depth of 10 m and it covers an area of ​​420 m2. 400 life-size statues of people peacefully coexist in the museum. The unique exposition is placed under water for a reason, it has rather not cultural, but ecological significance, over time the museum should turn into a coral reef. Creating artificial coral reefs is the only way to restore populations of some endangered marine life.

WALK ON A PIRATE SHIP. Feel the atmosphere of the real Caribbean, finding yourself on one of the pirate ships, where real pirate passions are played out before your eyes accompanied by cannon volleys and incendiary music. Right on the deck you can enjoy the Caribbean lobster. A real holiday on board a pirate ship! Guests are entertained by “pirates”, with their usual jokes, songs and dances. The plot of the play involves the search for pirate treasures. Schooners leave the shore at about 7 pm and delight you with their performance for three hours

EK-BALM. The archaeological center of the classical period, where fantastic discoveries have recently been made that overturn the usual ideas about the Mayan culture. Only the “Kremlin” is open to our eyes, the rest of the city is still sleeping under the dense jungle. You will see: Acropolis, Ball Game, Twin Buildings, Observatory, Temazcal.

SHEL-HA. One of the most famous ecological parks in Mexico, a great place for snorkelling. This natural aquarium is famous for its thousands of brightly colored tropical fish and spectacular limestone formations. For an additional fee, you can swim with dolphins and manatees in the park.

TULUM. Maya fortress city, picturesquely located on a hill on the Caribbean coast. In the Postclassic period, the city served as an important trading center, as it had access to land and sea, and was also a sea fortress and a navigational beacon. Tulum is one of the few Mayan cities that was not abandoned by the locals before the arrival of the Spaniards.

The picturesque Temple of Frescoes and the Castle, built on a cliff, offer a fantastic view of the ocean. A visit to Tulum can be combined with a visit to Xel-Ha Park.

KOBA. The most beautiful archaeological area. Here is the highest pyramid of the Yucatan Peninsula. This place is less known than other archaeological sites, so a walk along Coba turns into a walk through the untouched jungle, which hides ancient temples of the classical period of Mayan culture and steles with original hieroglyphs. Spread for miles, Coba was an exceptionally important cultural and religious center of the Yucatan in antiquity.


The whale shark is the largest shark living today and the largest fish on earth, reaching 13-18 meters in length! But, unlike most other sharks, it feeds on plankton and is completely safe for humans.

Most of the time, the shark swims slowly near the surface of the water, opening its mouth and filtering the water using a special “strainer”. Whale sharks are indifferent to people, so you can safely swim next to them, stroke them and even ride on their backs.

These huge fish are the subject of interest of scientists. Until now, their way of life, features of behavior and reproduction are not very clear. They are known to make long-distance migrations following plankton aggregations.

At the end of May, whale sharks arrive at the islands of Holbox and Contoy, not far from Cancun. They stay here until September.

We offer organized excursions that include swimming with a whale shark. This is an unforgettable adventure!

Riviera Maya, Mexico