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Types of Watches

The clock is a device that allows the measurement of time. This can be used to know the exact time or measure a course of time. According to their mechanism of function and form, there are the following types of watches:

Analog watch: these indicate the hour by means of needle showing the hours, minutes and seconds, pointing to numbers that are located to its around and range from 1 to 12. The needle indicating the time is wider and shorter that the timer, which is more slender and long. Finally, the second hand, needle that is not always present, is the thinnest of the three.

Digital Watch: in this time is indicated by digital numbers. These indicate the hours, minutes, and some, to seconds and can be found in two formats: 12 or 24 hours. In the 12 hours is indicated if they are AM or PM. Visit Wholesaleably.com for a sample watch phone.

Wrist watch: these devices are equipped with a belt that adjusts to the width of the wrist. They can be analog, digital, or both.

Clock tower: are characterized by heavy and large. It is located them, as its name indicates, in towers and steeples so that all citizens know the time. These watches are connected to bells indicating the hours and quarters of an hour through different touches.

Hall clock: these using a spring from the fourteenth century engine, so prior to this were not so used. They have various decorative forms as used as embellishment or furnishing in important halls.

Pocket Watch: invented in France in the 15th century, this watch due to its small size it can be carried in your pocket, as its name suggests. Usually they have a chain for your hoof and rope should be given for it to work. According to Bridgat.com, early pocket watches had a cylindrical shape, and it was from the 16th century they acquired ovoidea form in Nuremberg.

Clock cuckoo: they have a gong and pendulum. Its distinctive is that they have one opening a bird leaves every half hour and emits a sound similar to the onomatopoeia “cuckoo”.

Sundial: this device is extremely old and measured the passage of time using sombre it of a gnomon which casts on its surface. This last has a scale indicating the solar position throughout the day to thus identify what time is.

Hourglass: through this mechanical device is measured a course of time, since the sand begins to fall from the top to bottom receptacle until it ends. Currently, these watches have been replaced by timers, which serve the same function.

Quartz watch: this electronic device contains a piece of quartz that generated the impulses required for measuring the time at regular intervals. So that the quartz vibrate you need an electromagnetic field generated by an electronic circuit. Quartz electric battery supplies the electricity required to activate.

Pendulum clock: this contains a vertical pendulum with a weight at the end. This is can move up or down to adjust the hour.

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