Cuisine in Vietnam

According to TOP-MEDICAL-SCHOOLS, Vietnamese cuisine is delicious and unusual. Its main ingredients are typical of Asia, but locals prepare dishes from them that have won the hearts of millions of gourmets around the world. The main principle of cooking is a minimum of fats with a maximum of raw fruits and vegetables. The use of frozen meat or fish is completely excluded. Spices in Vietnam, unlike those scalding in neighboring countries, are tender and piquant. Mint leaves, coriander, lemongrass (lemongrass), ginger, black pepper, garlic and basil give dishes a unique flavor. Some spices can only be tasted in Vietnam. Common ingredients used in cooking include duck, pork, fish, spices, vegetables and fruits, crab meat, lobster and oysters.

Of the soups, pho (pho) soup, in which entire eateries specialize, has won the most popularity. Pho is made with noodles, bean sprouts, herbs, beef or chicken. One of the most famous dishes is cha gio (cha zo) – rice flour pancakes stuffed with chicken fillet, crab meat, vegetables, mushrooms and spices. It is also worth trying lau (lau) – noodle soup with a decoction of soybeans, many spices, various vegetables, meat and seafood; Goi ngo sen (goi no shen) – a salad of young lotus shoots and nuts; Goi ga (goy ga) – chicken salad with pickled vegetables, lemon, ginger, young lemon leaves.

Among the Vietnamese themselves, young bamboo shoots and their dishes are a favorite food. This is a very useful and tasty product, although it does not have a pleasant smell. In general, a characteristic feature of the national cuisine of Vietnam is a repulsive smell with excellent taste. The champion in terms of exotic flavor is nuoc mam (nuoc mam) fish sauce, which is served with almost all dishes.

Of course, the main place in Vietnamese cuisine is occupied by rice. It acts not only as the basis of some dishes, but also as an addition to others, and sometimes simply as an element that softens their sharpness. The most delicious sweets are also prepared from it, for example, banh kom – sweet pies made from fragrant young glutinous rice stuffed with peas and coconut flakes, wrapped in banana leaves.

There are many original fruits in the country, such as dragon fruit, jazhabe, khaki, longan, three-pitted cherry and water apple.

The national cuisine in different regions of Vietnam is quite different. The north is best known for its famous noodle soup, grilled meats and seafood. Perhaps the most complex dishes of Vietnamese cuisine are cooked in the center, which is connected with the imperial past of its main city – Hue. In the south, a great abundance of spices is used, and accordingly, all Vietnamese dishes are much more spicy.

The French influence in Vietnamese cuisine is felt in the abundance of fresh baguettes, pâtés and cheeses, which can be bought everywhere from street vendors. The country also inherited the French love for coffee. Vietnamese coffee usually has a very strong mocha flavor and aroma, and is served in a small glass or cup with condensed milk added.

The most common drinks are green tea, sugarcane juice, young coconut milk. Of the alcoholic beverages, rice vodka is very popular. In addition, a large assortment of alcoholic drinks made from apricot, orange and lemon is presented.

Food costs in Vietnam are considered the most minimal in the world, as there is an abundance of food and especially fruits all year round. Prices for lunch range from 2.5 to 25 USD per person. Moreover, in small restaurants, food is often not only cheaper, but also tastier.

Cuisine in Vietnam