Christie’s Lesson One Auction in Geneva Breaks All Boundaries

If the Christie’s invites you to the Jubilee Auction and 50 historic Rolex Daytonas are auctioned out of 5 decades, the course provides for media attention. If then 51 records are broken, the more so.

Christie's Lesson One Auction in Geneva Breaks All Boundaries

Model Of Patek Philippe Auctioned For 2.2 Million

On the 10th and 11th November 2013, the 3 sessions of the auction were held at the premises of the Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva. The most expensive piece was again a copy of the Geneva manufacturer Patek Philippe. The 1957 model of rose gold was produced as one of only six pieces and landed for 2.2 million US dollars under the hammer. For a PP double chronograph from the year 1947 (reference 1563), which is a term for some Patek lovers as a Duke Ellington chronograph (the famous jazz musician once bore a copy), 1.6 million dollars were caught.
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With 50 Daytonas To As Many Records

Even if Patek Philippe once again scored the highest value for a single piece at yesterday’s Antiquorum Auction, the last Sunday was marked by perhaps the most famous of all chronographs. 50 Rolex Daytona were sold for a total of USD 13,248,167. Each individual sold sold a new model price at an auction. Lot 23 was given special attention. It housed the famous Rolex Oyster Sotto alias “Paul Newman” with the reference number 6263. With her untypical dial for this model series, she could achieve a price of just under 1.1 million USD, surpassing the not even conservatively applied estimate of USD 640,800,- clear.
50 Daytonas have 50 records. And the 51st? A total of around 44 million euros was hammered onto the wooden table. Never before were sold at an auction watches with a higher total value. Christie’s could thus also lucrative quite a few hours before an auction marathon.