Best Travel Time and Climate for Belize

Belize is small but full of treasures. You can discover dreamlike marine worlds, ancient Mayan ruins, original jungles with exotic animals and, above all, meet friendly and relaxed people. The many lagoons and the rainforest in the Orange Walk District – where many Mayan temples are still partly covered by jungle plants – or a visit to mysterious caves in the lowlands are particularly recommended.

It is said that a trip to Belize should not end without spending time in the clear waters of the Caribbean, with several sandy cayes and atolls off the coast. You can explore the Blue Hole, one of the best spots for diving. If you are new to diving, don’t worry: the waters of Belize are filled with great snorkeling spots.

Best travel time

According to pharmacylib, the best time to travel to Belize is from the end of November to mid-April , when the dry season prevails in the Central American country. At the same time, it represents the high season and attracts thousands of tourists during the winter holidays. For warm temperatures, clear skies, and easy access to the country’s main attractions, it’s a bearable sacrifice to make. Especially around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Belize is a hotspot for vacationers.

Avoid Belize in April and May. The temperatures then rise extremely sharply and the high humidity brings fog and haze over the tropical areas. If you travel during this time, it is worth taking a boat trip to Punta Placencia, where you can snorkel with whale sharks. This can only be done from April to June.

From June to mid-November you have to expect rain showers and strong winds. If you want to avoid the crowds and have no problem carrying an umbrella, then you can visit Belize during the rainy season between September and October. But you should always keep in mind that many accommodations are closed during this time.

Continuous sunshine makes all kinds of outdoor activities very possible from late November to mid-April. The temperatures are around 26 ° C. From December to February a few gusts of wind blow from the north and sweep mainly over the coastal areas of the small islands. March and early April offer idyllic temperatures. The azure blue water stays clear and calm, it is perfect for diving and snorkeling. Hotel prices in Belize are also quite moderate at this time of year. In the mountains the temperatures are a little lower and are around 17 ° C.

The risk of cyclones is small, but there is. Hurricanes can occur on the coasts between June and October, so you should always keep an eye on the weather report. The rainiest months are August, September and October. The average daytime temperatures usually range from 21-26 ° C.

The climate is hot all year round and humidity is usually high, with it getting a little cooler between November and January.

The dry season is from January to May and is usually the best time to visit. The rainy season runs from June to December, but rain showers can occur in Belize throughout the year.

Belize is home to a number of carnivals and festivals. Belize is a very lively place during the holiday season and bank holidays such as Labor Day, Easter and Christmas. All holidays and carnivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm. You can get a good look at people’s culture and traditions during the holidays.

Optimal travel time after months

January – March

With many hours of warm sunshine, this is the driest and best time to visit Belize, especially in the northern and central regions. Now is the perfect time to venture into the jungle, explore the country’s Mayan ruins, and relax on the beach. As this is the main season, book and plan well in advance.

April May

In April and May, the weather in the Cayo District and Cayes remains largely dry, while the heat and humidity gradually increase. Easter is a very popular time to visit Belize. So you need to book early if that is the only time you can travel. Especially if you combine Belize with a visit to neighboring Guatemala.

June July

The rainy season begins in June and July, but the rain rarely lasts longer. The strongest showers are mostly in the afternoon and at night. The lobster season begins in Belize in mid-June, and you can try delicious lobster dishes, especially in Placencia and Ambergris Caye.

August – October

During the rainy season there is high humidity, heavy rain and the risk of tropical storms; including very occasional hurricanes. For this reason, some lodges close in September and use the time for their annual maintenance work.

November December

The heavy rains are decreasing and the humidity is decreasing. December is the best time to travel to Belize and tourists come in large numbers to the country. By the sea, hotels are booked out many months in advance around Christmas and New Years.

Climate in Belmopan

The maximum temperature in Belize is 31 ° C in April, May and June. In January the thermometer rises to a maximum of 27 ° C. Summer (June to September) is very hot with an average of 30 ° C. In the winter months it gets very warm with around 28 ° C. During the day, the annual mean temperature in Belize is a warm 29.4 ° C.

At night it gets coldest with 18 ° C in January and December. The thermometer rarely falls below 23 ° C in June, July and September. While the nights in summer are averages of a pleasantly warm 23 ° C, the thermometer drops to a warm 19 ° C between November and March. At night, the temperature averages a pleasant 20.8 ° C throughout the year.

Food and drink

Belize’s national dish is rice and beans, but certain restaurants also serve lobster and tropical reef fish. Many of the hotel restaurants offer a mix of international and national dishes. The national Belikin beer is delicious.


Belize is a pretty expensive country compared to other areas in Central America. The prices are usually almost as high as in Germany. Almost all hotels and tour operators accept major credit cards, although there is often a 5% charge. Travelers checks are not accepted everywhere. It is best to carry small amounts of cash with you as it can be difficult to change depending on where you are.


The official language in Belize is English, but many mestizos (descendants of Europeans and indigenous people) only speak Spanish. The increasingly used Creole language has both an English and a Spanish variant and is a mixture of these two languages.

Culture and Social

Belize is a relaxed country and the people are very friendly. Before photographing someone, you should ask for permission beforehand.


As always, tips are voluntary and not mandatory. In restaurants it is usually 10%, if the service is exceptionally good you can also give 15%. Sometimes a “service charge” is automatically added to your bill. So check this before you pay.

Best Travel Time and Climate for Belize