Bali Travel Guide

Exotic Bali enchants visitors. One of Indonesia’s most popular resorts, according to Abbreviation Finder, Bali is a great destination for a relaxing trip. Read Rantapallo’s destination guide and plan your own holiday.


Bali is Indonesia’s largest tourist destination

Sandy beaches, friendly people, sun and a relaxed atmosphere. Bali is not in vain called an island of paradise. Located in the east of the island of Java in Indonesia, the island of Bali, with a population of just over three million, is the most popular tourist destination in the country. Although tourism has conquered certain parts of the island, Bali also has a lot of original and authentic culture that may take the tourist’s heart forever. Bali is known as a holiday destination where there is no lack of heat or sun.

Stunning beaches offer great opportunities for surfing and other water sports, Balinese culture and exotics charm with their immediacy and the food is heavenly not to mention the stunningly beautiful nature. Bali’s most popular destinations include the cities of Ubud and Kuta, as well as the Gili Islands.

Due to the rains, Bali also has plenty of lush landscapes.

Bali also has plenty of lush landscapes

Gentle warmth for travelers

Bali is located just below the equator, so the climate is tropical. The temperature stays above 20 degrees all year round, being mostly close to 30 degrees. It is therefore very suitable for a traveler traveling to Indonesia in the heat. In Indonesia it rains all year round. The rainy season is from about October to March, when the monsoon brings with it heavy rainfall and high humidity. June to September is the driest. The best time to travel to Bali is from April to October, when it is comfortably warm and has the least rainfall.

Beach vacation and pampering in the tropics

Above all, you come to Bali for a beach holiday. The most popular destination is Kuta Beach, but the island’s capital, Denpasar, also offers the opportunity to explore Indonesian city life. Nature tourism is also popular in Bali, as are various pampering holidays at Balinese spas. Because the island is small, it can also be easily explored around by renting a car or motorbike.

The price level is cheaper than in Finland, but expensive compared to the rest of Asia. Bali is therefore not the cheapest budget destination on the continent, and the tourist should be prepared to pay more in a popular resort than neighboring countries. The Indonesian rupiah is also used as a means of payment in Bali.

Authentic and original culture in the squeeze of tourist destinations

Unlike elsewhere in Indonesia, most Balinese are Hindus, which is strongly reflected in culture and everyday life. However, Balinese Hinduism has its very own characteristics compared to Indian Hinduism.

Bali has been a popular holiday destination for a long time, which is reflected in some places in the abandonment of the original culture from the path of tourism. Although the island is small, genuine Balinese can be found moving a little further away from the worst tourist concentration. For backpackers and surfers, Bali has been an almost mandatory destination. Families, couples and groups of friends will also find their own holiday atmosphere on the island.

Bali is a relatively safe holiday destination, but the bombings in 2002 and 2005 left their mark on Bali tourism. Normal vigilance in large crowds and tourist destinations is in place for pickpockets and scammers. Female tourists in particular are prone to burglary, as it is not uncommon in Bali to witness a robbery in which a thief drives past a victim on a scooter and grabs the pocket with his handbag. Especially in the evening, it is safest to travel by taxi instead of walking and scooter.

Indonesian and Bali are spoken in Bali, but English is also widely spoken. So the traveler does well in English, but as a courtesy, it is worth learning a few basic phrases in the local language before the trip.



Bali also has plenty of peaceful beaches.

Experience these in Bali

  1. Enjoy the beaches and try surfing.
  2. Explore the local culture and enjoy Ubud.
  3. Take a diving trip and explore the wrecks at Amed.
  4. Experience the hustle and bustle of Kuta Beach – especially if you crave the nightlife.
  5. Take an excursion to the Gili Islands.