Axl Rose Throws the Clock in Partnership With the Hyt

While most of the companies such try to keep the liquids out of your watches, the HYT not only reversed this logic because it uses a liquid to mark the hours in a manner totally unusual, thanks to a system invented by the brand itself.

Axl Rose Throws the Clock in Partnership With the Hyt

The unique look caught the attention of Axl Rose, vocalist of Guns N’ Roses , and recently also toured the front of the AC/DC, which led to a partnership of rock-star with the HYT.

The design

The model does not differ much of the rest of the line Skull on the front: a skull damascus steel blue (your choice of singer) and surrounded by a glass container containing a black liquid that indicates the hours. However fans should enjoy the back of the clock where you can see the logo of Guns N’ Roses and the signature of Axl Rose, in addition, the bracelet won a differentiated format to the other with trims of blue, combining with the rest.

The format of the box is large, 51 mm, the dial is protected by a sapphire crystal, the crown is titanium and inside we have a mechanical calibre powered by manually wound with 65 hours of reservation indicated on the disk of the right eye of the skull, while the left mark seconds. Ironically, even though filled with fluid, it resists up to 50 meters of depth.

The HYT Skull Axl Rose is a limited edition of just 25 pieces and will be available for sale from December 2016 for $100,000.

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