Arriving in Krabi

If you fly directly to Krabi from Finland, Bangkok or elsewhere, the transfer from the airport is relatively easy and fast. You can also come to Krabi via Phuket Airport, which is pretty unnecessary nowadays.

There are a lot of buses to Krabi town, and if you come to Krabi from a bus from elsewhere, it is quite easy to get from the station to Krabi town as well as the rest of Krabi area. You can also come to Krabi along the waters, and one quite popular place to visit and also a place to spend the nights is the paradise Railay. It is also easy to get to Krabi from the islands near Krabi.

Taxis are a popular ride from Krabi Airport onwards

From Krabi Airport to the accommodation

Krabi Airport (KBV) is Krabi Airport, located about 15 km from Krabi Town and 27 km from Ao Nang. From there, you can reach Ao Nang in about 40 minutes, and if you go on a package tour to Krabi, the shuttle is either included in the price or can be taken at an additional cost at an additional cost. From the airport, it is easy to quickly move not only to Krabi Town and Ao Nang but also to other parts of Krabi or nearby areas.

If the transport is not included in the price of the trip or if you have not paid an additional fee for it, it will also be relatively easy for a package traveler to find out. The self-employed traveler does not have to think about the rides in advance, but from the airport you can take a bus to Krabi Town or Ao Nang and take a taxi anywhere. Some hotels have their own transportation, which can be roughly the same price as taxi and van rides offered by the airport. This should be clarified when booking accommodation and you should ask about it in good time.

Taxi and van

Taxis are a popular ride and rides have fixed fares. The ticket is purchased from inside the terminal and tells you exactly where you are going. There are different fares to different places, and for example, those who want to travel to the city of Krabi can pay 350 baht for a trip lasting up to 20 minutes. It is more expensive to travel to Ao Nang, and a 30-40 minute trip costs 600 baht. These rates are for a maximum of 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. If you want to go in a van that can accommodate up to 8 people, it will cost 600 baht to Krabi Town and 1,050 to Ao Nang.

There are also non-official taxis at the airport and they also have fixed fares. Ao Nang can be reached for 500 baht and the city of Krabi even cheaper, and such taxis are usually waiting outside the terminal and fishing for customers.

Airport bus

There is an airport bus between the airport, Krabi Town and Ao Nang, which runs from 8 am to 8 pm, usually once an hour but occasionally so that when the bus is full it leaves. A ticket to Krabi Town costs 100 baht and to Ao Nang 150 baht.

The driver must be informed where he is going, as the bus does not have an exact route. Thus, with bad luck, if the hotel is at the very end of such a route, the journey can take many times longer than a taxi ride. The ticket for the bus is purchased from the ticket office in the airport terminal, where you can also ask when the next bus leaves. All airport ticket offices sell tickets for the same bus.

Return to the airport

When you return to the airport, you can book a taxi in advance through the accommodation or from the numerous taxi services available in both Krabi Town and Ao Nang.

Of course, the airport bus also runs back to the airport, but its movements cannot be trusted. In theory, however, it can advantageously move from Ao Nang’s promenade and then from Krabi Town to the airport.

Car rental

In Thailand, it doesn’t make much sense to rent a car, but if you want to drive, you can rent a car from the airport. In general, those whose driving license does not come from English-speaking countries legally need a car to drive to obtain an International Driving Permit. One can be obtained in advance through the website . Insurance must also be in order, and this also applies to those who rent a scooter. A good service where you can compare the prices of different rental companies is Rental Cars .

From Phuket Airport to Krabi

If you fly to Phuket and want to move from its airport to Krabi, it is possible. Since Phuket Airport is located in the northern part of the island, it is not worthwhile for Krabi to go to Phuket Town from there. It is best to take a taxi , the journey takes about 2 ½ hours and costs 2500-3000 baht. There is a bus along the main road that goes from Phuket Town to Krabi Town and you can also try to get there. The bus reads “Krabi” and you can take a taxi along the road.

Before, the transition from Phuket Airport was more topical than today, when there are as many flights from Finland to Krabi Airport. If you want to explore both places, you can fly to either and return from the other, but on such a trip it is good to have time and also experience traveling in Thailand.

From Phuket Airport to Krabi