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Find the best quality hotels in China with discount price. Book hotels and motels online now and save up to 60% off with the following hotel booking websites. They have the lowest prices guaranteed. Here at China, there are several options that will fit your need, from traditional motels, to trending hotels, and from popular resorts to campsites, all in all in natural terrains of China.
  • Zipcodesexplorer introduces comprehensive travel guide including security notice, entry requirement,and health issues in China.
  • Countryaah.com provides country overview, national flag, and history summary for the nation of China.
Asia Travel - China
Make reservations for hotels in cities across China. Also includes travel information, news of sightseeing attractions and tour packages.

Beihai - Shangri-La Hotel
Luxury hotel has 364 rooms and a seaside location. Check out the conference facilities or make a reservation.

Changchun - Changbaishan Guest House
Provides details about the local area, with listings of business and recreational facilities, room rates and reservation information.

Changchun - Shangri-La Hotel
Examine what facilities this hotel offers guests, along with a listing of amenities and further info on accommodations.

Chongqing - Chongqing Guest House
Includes contact information and a list of room rates for this unrated guest house with 280 rooms and suites. Fax in a reservation request.

Chongqing - Chongqing Shaping Grand Hotel
Air-conditioned hotel has a swimming pool, a fitness room and conference facilities. Includes prices, payment options and a reservation form.

Chongqing - Chung King Hotel
Find contact information and a list of room rates for this three-star hotel in the city center. Print out the form to fax a reservation request.

Chongqing - Harbour Plaza Hotel
Take a quick look at a summary of the area, along with details on the hotel's facilities, rates, amenities and promotional deals.

Chongqing - Holiday Inn Yangtze Chongqing
Provincial hotel presents a list of its services, facilities, rates and sports and leisure activities. Make a reservation by fax or email.

Chongqing - Renmin Hotel
See if the price is right, then either phone or fax in a request for more information or for booking a future reservation with this hotel.

Fuzhou - Fujian Foreign Trade Center
Four-star hotel has a number of fitness facilities and 24-hour room service. Includes room rates and a reservation form to print out and fax.

Fuzhou - Fuzhou Lakeside Hotel
Take a look at the amenities, recreational and business facilities and room rates of this four-star hotel near the train station.

Fuzhou - Hot Spring Hotel
Provides potential guests with a brief profile the hotel's features and room rates. Place a reservation by telephone or over the Internet.

Fuzhou - Overseas Chinese Hotel
Guide to hotels worldwide provides a short list of this hotel's amenities, room rates and business and leisure facilities.

Guilin - Hotel Guide
Select from three hotels in this region of China, and link to other countries in the Pacific Rim.

Haikou - Haikou Tower
See what credit cards are accepted at this three-star hotel, and get a list of services, facilities and room amenities.

Haikou - Hainan Mandarin Hotel
Business district hotel has a superior deluxe rating. Use the currency converter to calculate the room rates, or make an instant reservation.

Haikou - Qiong Yuan Hotel
Basic introduction features a list of some of the amenities and facilities of this unrated hotel. Includes a phone number.

Harbin - Harbin Flamingo
Presents room rates and a look at leisure activities, facilities and room amenities. Make a reservation.

Harbin - New World Bei Fang
Potential patrons may examine this location's activities, facilities and services before placing a reservation via phone, fax or online form.

Harbin - Songhuajiang Gloria Inn
Peruse hotel features, current room rates, online and telephone reservation information, accommodation details and a location summary.

Hiamen - Hua Fu Hotel
Three-star hotel has a fitness center, conference facilities and 24-hour room service. Print out the form and fax it in to make a reservation.

Hyatt Regency Tianjin
International hotel offers a slideshow look at its facilities, activities, dining and entertainment options, business services and guest rooms.

Inner Mongolia - Baotou Hotel
Hotel provides downtown convenience and eclectic dining. Find a link to make a reservation.

Inner Mongolia - Beiyuan Hotel
Located in Hulunbeier, this hotel provides room rate and dining information. Includes a reservation form.

Inner Mongolia - Qing Shan Hotel
Baotou City hotel offers room rates and a link to room reservations.

Inner Mongolia - Zhao Jun Hotel
Find pictures of this hotel and check out the room rates. Follow to link to reserve a room.

Kunming - Harbour Plaza
Kunming, China, hotel provides an overview of its accommodations, restaurants, and services. Find out about special promotions.

Ningbo - Citic Ningbo International
Potential visitors can get a brief introduction to the hotel and area, as well as a list of services and facilities. Fax or email a reservation.

Ningbo - Ningbo Overseas Chinese Hotel
Air-conditioned city-center hotel caters to budget and business travelers. Fax a reservation request.

Sanya - Cactus Resort Sanya
See a photo of the lobby of this resort, which claims to have the largest swimming pool in China. Read about its features and make a reservation.

Sanya - Gloria Resort Sanya
Deluxe resort has a private beach and a number of water-sports activities. Check the prices or book a room.

Suzhou - Aster Hotel
Check out the sports facilities available at this large, four-star hotel. See what credit cards are accepted, then make a reservation by fax.

Suzhou - Bamboo Grove Hotel
Take a quick peek at this hotel's room rates, guest services, business center, leisure activities and recreational facilities.

Suzhou - Gloria Plaza Hotel Suzhou
Potential guests of this hotel can get check out its amenities, services and room rates. Use the currency converter or make a reservation.

Suzhou - Nan Lin Hotel
City-center hotel accepts most credit cards. Take a look at the amenities and rates, then make a reservation via fax.

Suzhou - PTT Station
See the going rate for rooms at this three-star hotel, and check out the services offered to business and leisure travelers.

Suzhou - Suzhou Hotel
Four-star hotel has over 300 rooms, as well as a fitness center and sauna. Print out the form to fax in a reservation request.

Suzhou - Tianping Hotel Suzhou
Profiles the amenities, services and accommodations of this suburban hotel. Fax in a reservation request.

Zhuhai - Guangdong Regency Hotel
Thirty-story hotel offers standard and deluxe rooms. Tour the conference and banquet facilities, check the rates and make a reservation.

Zhuhai - Zhuhai Holiday Resort
Resort hotel offers details on its room amenities, guest services and business and recreational facilities. Make a reservation.

Zhuhai - Zhuhai Hotel
Offers future guests a look at contact and reservation information, along with details on the hotel's amenities and facilities.
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